SPEC ACCEL Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

University of Virginia

Benchmark Program General Category

Unstructured Grid, Fluid Dynamics

Benchmark Description

The CFD solver is an unstructured grid finite volume solver for the three-dimensional Euler equations for compressible flow. Effective GPU memory bandwidth is improved by reducing total global memory access and overlapping redundant computation, as well as using an appropriate numbering scheme and data layout.

Input Description

The program accepts from the command line the file name of the input data, the number of RK iterations to do and the number of iterations to do. The format of the input file is the number of elements followed by the description of the elements and who they connect to.

Output Description

The program outputs desnity, momentum and density engery after the computation has been done.

The output file euler3d.out contains detailed timing information about the run. It also shows which device was selected along with what devices where available to OpenCL.

Programming Language


Known portability issues




[1] Andrew Corrigan, Fernando Camelli, Rainald Lohner and John Wallin. Running Unstructured Grid CFD Solvers on Modern Graphics Hardware. In Proceedings of the 19th AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, June 2009.

Last Updated: July 10 2013