SPEC ACCEL Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Serial C version was developed the Center for Manycore Programming at Seoul National University and derived from the serial Fortran versions in "NPB3.3-SER" developed by NAS.

OpenACC version was developed by Rengan Xu & Sunita Chandrasekaran from University of Houston.

Benchmark Program General Category

Conjuage Gradient

Benchmark Description

The CG benchmark solves an unstructured sparse linear system by the conjugate gradient method. It tests irregular long distance communication and employs unstructured matrix vector multiplications, which is a bottleneck for paralleled scientific computation.

Input Description

Test: the reference data of nit=2, zeta_verify_value = 27.373201943599696

Train: the reference data of nit=10, zeta_verify_value = 28.925391559966897

Ref: the reference data of nit=100, zeta_verify_value = 28.9493379566990

Output Description

The zeta value

Programming Language


Threading Model


Known portability issues



  1. Information on NPB 3.3, including the technical report, the original specifications, source code, results and information on how to submit new results, is available at: http://www.nas.nasa.gov/Software/NPB/
  2. Information about the C version developed by the Center for Manycore Programming can be found at: http://aces.snu.ac.kr/Center_for_Manycore_Programming/Home.html