ACCEL Flag Description
Bull Bull B515

Test sponsored by Technische Universitaet Dresden

Compilers: GCC

Operating systems: Linux

Last updated: 21-Jan-2014 blw

The text for many of the descriptions below was taken from the online help for gcc.

Base Compiler Invocation

C benchmarks

C++ benchmarks

Base Optimization Flags

C benchmarks

C++ benchmarks

Shell, Environment, and Other Software Settings

Platform settings

One or more of the following settings may have been applied to the testbed. If so, the "Platform Notes" section of the report will say so; and you can read below to find out more about what these settings mean.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<directories> (linker)
LD_LIBRARY_PATH controls the search order for both the compile-time and run-time linkers. Usually, it can be defaulted; but testers may sometimes choose to explicitly set it (as documented in the notes in the submission), in order to ensure that the correct versions of libraries are picked up.

STACKSIZE=<n> (Unix)
Set the size of the stack (temporary storage area) for each slave thread of a multithreaded program.

ulimit -s <n> (Unix)
Sets the stack size to n kbytes, or "unlimited" to allow the stack size to grow without limit.

Flag description origin markings:

[user] Indicates that the flag description came from the user flags file.
[suite] Indicates that the flag description came from the suite-wide flags file.
[benchmark] Indicates that the flag description came from a per-benchmark flags file.

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For questions about the meanings of these flags, please contact the tester.
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