SPEC CPU2000: Changes in V1.3

Last updated: 18-Aug-2005 cds

(To check for possible updates to this document, please see http://www.spec.org/cpu2000/docs/ )

SPEC CPU2000 V1.3 is intended to be the final release of SPEC CPU2000. It responds to problems that have arisen in the nearly 4 years since the previous release, improves compatibility, and improves stability.

Changes include:

New systems supported

With this release of SPEC CPU2000, new support is added for:

Systems no longer supported

With this release of SPEC CPU2000, support is removed for:
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  • The docs/ or docs\ directory on your SPEC CPU2000 distribution CD-ROM.

Documentation Updates

All of the documents with ".txt" extensions now have CRLF line-endings for the convenience of Windows users. Other documentation updates include:

Tools source updates

The tools sources have been updated to make building the tools on new systems easier. The build system has also been updated to catch errors during the tools build process that would have previously gone unreported.

Tools updates

The monitor_wrapper facility has been modified to not execute during training runs for builds using feedback-directed optimization.

Changes to benchmarks

The following benchmark changes were made in V1.3:

Configuration Files Updated

All of the configuration files were updated.