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Sun Microsystems
Sun Fire V210 (1002MHz)
SPECfp2000 = 841    
SPECfp_base2000 = 722    
SPEC license # 6 Tested by: Sun Microsystems Test date: Mar-2003 Hardware Avail: May-2003 Software Avail: May-2003
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
168.wupwise 1600 207    773     194    825     168.wupwise base result bar (773)
168.wupwise peak result bar (825)
171.swim 3100 372    834     187    1661      171.swim base result bar (834)
171.swim peak result bar (1661)
172.mgrid 1800 326    552     326    552     172.mgrid base result bar (552)
172.mgrid peak result bar (552)
173.applu 2100 346    607     283    742     173.applu base result bar (607)
173.applu peak result bar (742)
177.mesa 1400 253    554     236    593     177.mesa base result bar (554)
177.mesa peak result bar (593)
178.galgel 2900 244    1189      218    1331      178.galgel base result bar (1189)
178.galgel peak result bar (1331)
179.art 2600 40.4  6431      37.5  6941      179.art base result bar (6431)
179.art peak result bar (6941)
183.equake 1300 107    1214      100    1299      183.equake base result bar (1214)
183.equake peak result bar (1299)
187.facerec 1900 217    876     198    958     187.facerec base result bar (876)
187.facerec peak result bar (958)
188.ammp 2200 587    375     592    372     188.ammp base result bar (375)
188.ammp peak result bar (372)
189.lucas 2000 632    316     335    598     189.lucas base result bar (316)
189.lucas peak result bar (598)
191.fma3d 2100 456    460     417    504     191.fma3d base result bar (460)
191.fma3d peak result bar (504)
200.sixtrack 1100 321    342     305    361     200.sixtrack base result bar (342)
200.sixtrack peak result bar (361)
301.apsi 2600 455    571     455    571     301.apsi base result bar (571)
301.apsi peak result bar (571)
SPECfp_base2000 722      
  SPECfp2000 841      

Hardware Vendor: Sun Microsystems
Model Name: Sun Fire V210 (1002MHz)
CPU MHz: 1002
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1-2
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 32KBI+64KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 1MB(I+D) on chip
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 4GB 8-way interleaved
Disk Subsystem: 1 x 36GB SEAGATE ST336605L
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Solaris 8 HW 12/02
Compiler: Sun ONE Studio 8 (pre-FCS build 3/9)
Sun Performance Library 8 (pre-FCS build 3/9)
File System: ufs with ufs logging
System State: Multi-User
Notes / Tuning Information


  SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance
  with the SPEC continued availability policy.  Specifically,
  although the configuration tested was available within the
  required 3 months of publication, it was then unavailable for
  a period of 30 days or more during the first 90 days after
  initial overall availability.  The vendor informs SPEC that
  the configuration is again available, on or before the date
  of this notice, 08/13/2003.


Compiler invocation: 
  C: cc
  F90: f90
  F77: f90

Floating point base flags:
    C:  -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=std with ONESTEP=yes and feedback
  F90:  -fast -xipo=2 with ONESTEP=yes and feedback
Floating point peak flags:
 ONESTEP=yes and feedback for all benchmarks, unless otherwise noted
 168.wupwise: -fast -xipo=2 -Qoption iropt -Ainline:inc=800:cp=1
 171.swim:    -fast -xpad=common:384 -xprefetch=latx:1.6 
              -Qoption iropt -Atile:skewp:b6,-Ainline:cs=700 
              (no feedback)
 172.mgrid:   -fast -xipo=2
 173.applu:   -fast -xipo=2 
              -Qoption cg -Qlp=1-av=192-fa=1,-Qms_pipe+prefolim=7 
              -Qoption iropt -Aujam:inner=g
 177.mesa:    -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=strong -xrestrict 
 178.galgel:  -fast -xipo=2 -Qoption iropt -Addint:sf=9 -xlic_lib=sunperf
 179.art:     -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=std -xprefetch=latx:1.5
 183.equake:  -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=strong -xprefetch_level=2
 187.facerec: -fast -xipo=2 -xprefetch=latx:1.5
 188.ammp:    -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=std -lmopt -lm
 189.lucas:   -fast -xipo=2 -xprefetch_level=3 -Qoption iropt -Apf:pdl=1 
              -Qoption f90comp -array_pad_rows,1977 
 191.fma3d:   -fast -xipo=2 -stackvar -xprefetch_level=3 
              -Qoption iropt -Apf:pdl=1 
 200.sixtrack:-O -dalign -xchip=ultra3 -xarch=v8plusb -fsimple=2
 301.apsi:    -fast -xipo=2
Feedback is done as follows, unless otherwise noted:
 fdo_pre0:  rm -rf ./feedback.profile ./SunWS_cache
 PASS1:     -xprofile=collect:./feedback 
 PASS2:     -xprofile=use:./feedback 

 178.galgel:  -e -fixed

Shell Environments:
  Stack size set to unlimited via "ulimit -s unlimited"

Kernel Parameters (/etc/system):
System Settings:
  2nd CPU physically removed from the system 

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For other inquiries, please contact webmaster@spec.org
Copyright © 1999-2004 Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

First published at SPEC.org on 22-Apr-2003

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