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Fujitsu Limited
SPECfp2000 = 1030     
SPECfp_base2000 = 866    
SPEC license # 19 Tested by: Fujitsu Limited Test date: May-2003 Hardware Avail: Jul-2003 Software Avail: May-2003
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
168.wupwise 1600 365    439     163    984     168.wupwise base result bar (439)
168.wupwise peak result bar (984)
171.swim 3100 229    1351      169    1834      171.swim base result bar (1351)
171.swim peak result bar (1834)
172.mgrid 1800 227    794     198    907     172.mgrid base result bar (794)
172.mgrid peak result bar (907)
173.applu 2100 312    673     232    904     173.applu base result bar (673)
173.applu peak result bar (904)
177.mesa 1400 343    408     262    534     177.mesa base result bar (408)
177.mesa peak result bar (534)
178.galgel 2900 197    1474      169    1711      178.galgel base result bar (1474)
178.galgel peak result bar (1711)
179.art 2600 42.7  6095      42.5  6117      179.art base result bar (6095)
179.art peak result bar (6117)
183.equake 1300 84.3  1543      72.8  1786      183.equake base result bar (1543)
183.equake peak result bar (1786)
187.facerec 1900 184    1031      166    1143      187.facerec base result bar (1031)
187.facerec peak result bar (1143)
188.ammp 2200 476    462     406    541     188.ammp base result bar (462)
188.ammp peak result bar (541)
189.lucas 2000 214    933     219    915     189.lucas base result bar (933)
189.lucas peak result bar (915)
191.fma3d 2100 324    648     302    694     191.fma3d base result bar (648)
191.fma3d peak result bar (694)
200.sixtrack 1100 309    356     308    358     200.sixtrack base result bar (356)
200.sixtrack peak result bar (358)
301.apsi 2600 359    725     359    725     301.apsi base result bar (725)
301.apsi peak result bar (725)
SPECfp_base2000 866      
  SPECfp2000 1030       

Hardware Vendor: Fujitsu Limited
Model Name: PRIMEPOWER250 (1100MHz)
CPU MHz: 1100
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1 to 2 (increments of 1)
Parallel: None
Primary Cache: 128KBI+128KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 1MB(I+D) on chip
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 8192MB
Disk Subsystem: 1 x 36.4GB SCSI (10000rpm)
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Solaris8 2/02 with current patches (see notes)
Compiler: Fujitsu Parallelnavi 2.1 with patch 912528-02
Sun ONE Studio 8 (EA2 version of Sun ONE Studio 8 used)
Sun Performance Library 8
File System: ufs
System State: multi user
Notes / Tuning Information
FDO: (for Parallelnavi 2.1)
   fdo_pre0=rm -rf `pwd`/*.f.d
   PASS1=-Kpg    PASS2=-Kpu
FDO: (for Sun ONE Studio 8)
   fdo_pre0=rm -rf ./feedback.profile ./SunWS_cache
(using Fortran compiler of  Sun ONE Studio 8 EA2)
   -fast -xtarget=ultra3 -lprism32 FDO
(using C compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8 EA2)
   -fast -xtarget=ultra3 -xipo=2 FDO ONESTEP=yes
(for Parallelnavi 2.1)
168.wupwise: -fs -Kfast_GP2=2,largepage -O5 -x dir=./ 
    -Kpreex,prefetch_infer,alignl=64,preschedule_length=17 FDO
172.mgrid: -fs -Kfast_GP2=2,largepage,GREG_SYSTEM -Kpreex,prefetch_line=6,commonpad=144,alignc=64 FDO
178.galgel: -fs -Kfast_GP2=2,largepage,GREG_SYSTEM  -x dir=./ 
    -Am -Fixed -KFMADD -SSL2 FDO
189.lucas: -fs -Kfast_GP2=2,largepage,GREG_SYSTEM -O5 
    -Kpreex,prefetch_infer,prefetch_line=6,preschedule_length=70 FDO
191.fma3d: -fs -Kfast_GP2=2,largepage,GREG_SYSTEM -x dir=./ -x55 
    -Kpreex,prefetch_infer,prefetch=4 FDO
(using FORTRAN90 compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8 EA2)
171.swim: -fast -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2  -xarch=v8plusb 
    -xpad=common:4002 -xprefetch=latx:2.2
    -Qoption iropt -Atile:skewp,-Ainline:cs=700 -lprism32
173.applu: -fast -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb 
    -xipo=2 -xprefetch=latx:0.6 FDO ONESTEP=yes

187.facerec: -xO5 -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plus 
    -xprefetch=yes -xprefetch_level=1 -xprefrtch=latx:2.0 -xvector=no -xdepend -ftrap=%none 
    -fns -fsimple=2 -lprism32 FDO ONESTEP=yes
200.sixtrack:-fast -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb 
    -xipo=2 -lprism32 ONESTEP=yes
301.apsi: -fast -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb 
    -xipo=2 -lprism32 FDO ONESTEP=yes

(using C compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8 EA2)
177.mesa: -fast -xchip=ultra2 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb -xipo=2 -xrestrict 
    -xalias_level=strong -Wc,-Qgsched-trace_late=1,-Qgsched-T4,-Qms_pipe+unoovf FDO ONESTEP=yes
179.art: -fast -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb -xipo=2 -xalias_level=std FDO ONESTEP=yes
183.equake: -fast -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb 
    -xalias_level=strong -xdepend -W2,-whole,-Amemopt:arrayloc -xprefetch 
    -Wc,-Qms_pipe-pref,-Qlp=1-av=512-t=6-fa=1-fl=1 -lprism32 -lmopt -lm FDO ONESTEP=yes
188.ammp: -fast -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:1024/64/2 -xarch=v8plusb 
    -xipo=2 -xrestrict -xalias_level=std -xdepend -xprefetch=latx:2.6 -lprism32 FDO ONESTEP=yes
178.galgel: -e -fixed (for Sun ONE Studio 8 EA2)
178.galgel: -Am -Fixed (for Parallelnavi 2.1)
 System Tunables: (for /etc/system)
 shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=2147483648, shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=256, 
 set tune_t_fsflushr = 86400
 set autoup = 86400
(for /etc/opt/FJSVpnrm/lpg.conf)
Shell Environments:
Feedback directed optimization was used except 171.swim(peak).
Small configuration memory system mode used ("4cpu mode", enabled via system console).
Stack size set to unlimited via "ulimit -s unlimited"
System board used with only one CPU present.
Sun ONE Studio 8 EA2 (Early Access 2), posted at URL http://access1.sun.com/s1sprod8
as updated through 27-Mar-2003, was used for this submission.
Sun ONE Studio 8 (final) will ship May-2003.
All patches for Solaris8 posted at
    as of date 2003/04/21 were applied: 108434-11, 108435-11, 111697-04, 111721-03.

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