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Advanced Micro Devices
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard, AMD Athlon (TM) 64 FX-55
SPECint2000 = 1735     
SPECint_base2000 = 1583     
SPEC license # 49 Tested by: AMD, Austin, TX Test date: Oct-2004 Hardware Avail: Oct-2004 Software Avail: Aug-2004
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
164.gzip 1400 87.8  1595      87.8  1594      164.gzip base result bar (1595)
164.gzip peak result bar (1594)
175.vpr 1400 106    1318      105    1338      175.vpr base result bar (1318)
175.vpr peak result bar (1338)
176.gcc 1100 60.5  1819      60.5  1819      176.gcc base result bar (1819)
176.gcc peak result bar (1819)
181.mcf 1800 233    773     150    1204      181.mcf base result bar (773)
181.mcf peak result bar (1204)
186.crafty 1000 43.9  2275      43.7  2290      186.crafty base result bar (2275)
186.crafty peak result bar (2290)
197.parser 1800 140    1288      128    1403      197.parser base result bar (1288)
197.parser peak result bar (1403)
252.eon 1300 58.2  2232      48.6  2675      252.eon base result bar (2232)
252.eon peak result bar (2675)
253.perlbmk 1800 108    1666      101    1774      253.perlbmk base result bar (1666)
253.perlbmk peak result bar (1774)
254.gap 1100 69.0  1594      69.0  1594      254.gap base result bar (1594)
254.gap peak result bar (1594)
255.vortex 1900 83.4  2279      77.4  2453      255.vortex base result bar (2279)
255.vortex peak result bar (2453)
256.bzip2 1500 104    1441      104    1441      256.bzip2 base result bar (1441)
256.bzip2 peak result bar (1441)
300.twolf 3000 204    1472      162    1848      300.twolf base result bar (1472)
300.twolf peak result bar (1848)
SPECint_base2000 1583       
  SPECint2000 1735       

Hardware Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices
Model Name: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard, AMD Athlon (TM) 64 FX-55
CPU: AMD Athlon (TM) 64 FX-55 (ADAFX55DEI5AS)
CPU MHz: 2600
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 64KBI + 64KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 1024KB(I+D) on chip
L3 Cache: N/A
Other Cache: N/A
Memory: 2x512 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM CL2.0
Disk Subsystem: IDE, Western Digital WD1200
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: SuSE Linux Enterprise Sever for AMD64 (SP3)
Compiler: PathScale EKO Compiler Suite, Release 1.3
File System: Linux/ext3
System State: Multi-user SuSE Run level 3
Notes / Tuning Information

 +FDO: PASS1= -fb_create fbdata  PASS2= -fb_opt fbdata
 Baseline optimization flags: 
   C programs:       -O3 -ipa +FDO
   C++ programs:     -Ofast +FDO
 Portability Flags:
   175.vpr: -DSPEC_CPU2000
   181.mcf: -DWANT_STDC_PROTO
   186.crafty: -DLINUX_i386 -DSPEC_CPU2000
   252.eon: -DHAS_ERRLIST -DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64 srcalt fmax_errno
   253.perlbmk: -DSPEC_CPU2000_LINUX_I386 -DSPEC_CPU2000_NEED_BOOL  
                -DSPEC_CPU2000_GLIBC22 -DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64
   255.vortex: -DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64
   300.twolf: -DSPEC_CPU2000 -DHAVE_SIGNED_CHAR
 Peak Tuning:
 164.gzip:  -Ofast +FDO
 175.vpr: -O2 -ipa -OPT:alias=disjoint -CG:p2align_freq=500000
          -INLINE:aggressive=on -IPA:space=300:plimit=10000:callee_limit=5000:linear=on
 176.gcc: basepeak = true
 181.mcf: -O3 -ipa -IPA:field_reorder=on -m32 +FDO
 186.crafty: -Ofast +FDO
 197.parser: -O3 -ipa -m32 -IPA:ctype=on +FDO
 252.eon: -Ofast -CG:gcm=off:p2align_freq=1:prefetch=off 
          -OPT:treeheight=on -TENV:X=4:frame_pointer=off
          -fno-exceptions -LNO:fu=10:full_unroll_outer=1
          +FDO -IPA:plimit=4000:pu_reorder=1
 253.perlbmk: -O3 -ipa -TENV:X=3 +FDO -IPA:min_hotness=5:plimit=20000
 254.gap:  basepeak = true
 255.vortex: -Ofast -IPA:space=70:plimit=3000
     -LNO:opt=0 -TENV:X=4
 256.bzip2: basepeak = true
 300.twolf: -O2 -OPT:unroll_times_max=8:unroll_size=256:alias=disjoint:Ofast
            -CG:gcm=off:p2align_freq=100000 -WOPT:mem_opnds=on -m32
 The tested system can be assembled using an ATX case such as the Antec P160,
 a 550W power supply such as the Antec True Power 550, and a PCI or AGP video card.
 BIOS rev. v1.3
 High Performance defaults set in BIOS
 Memroy timings manually set in BIOS: CAS=2.0, TRCD=2, TRAS=5, TRP=2
 Dynamic Overclocking Disabled in BIOS
 Memory used is Corsair CMX512-3200XLPRO configured in dual channel mode

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