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Advanced Micro Devices
TYAN S2865 K8E Tomcat, AMD Opteron (TM) 146
SPECfp2000 = 1442     
SPECfp_base2000 = 1389     
SPEC license # 49 Tested by: AMD, Austin, TX Test date: Jul-2005 Hardware Avail: Aug-2005 Software Avail: Oct-2004
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
168.wupwise 1600 72.7  2201      72.7  2201      168.wupwise base result bar (2201)
168.wupwise peak result bar (2201)
171.swim 3100 173    1796      163    1902      171.swim base result bar (1796)
171.swim peak result bar (1902)
172.mgrid 1800 156    1152      156    1152      172.mgrid base result bar (1152)
172.mgrid peak result bar (1152)
173.applu 2100 169    1242      155    1351      173.applu base result bar (1242)
173.applu peak result bar (1351)
177.mesa 1400 94.8  1476      89.2  1570      177.mesa base result bar (1476)
177.mesa peak result bar (1570)
178.galgel 2900 129    2249      119    2441      178.galgel base result bar (2249)
178.galgel peak result bar (2441)
179.art 2600 161    1619      157    1657      179.art base result bar (1619)
179.art peak result bar (1657)
183.equake 1300 89.4  1454      89.4  1454      183.equake base result bar (1454)
183.equake peak result bar (1454)
187.facerec 1900 123    1551      120    1578      187.facerec base result bar (1551)
187.facerec peak result bar (1578)
188.ammp 2200 203    1082      198    1113      188.ammp base result bar (1082)
188.ammp peak result bar (1113)
189.lucas 2000 130    1543      119    1683      189.lucas base result bar (1543)
189.lucas peak result bar (1683)
191.fma3d 2100 176    1191      162    1293      191.fma3d base result bar (1191)
191.fma3d peak result bar (1293)
200.sixtrack 1100 178    618     178    618     200.sixtrack base result bar (618)
200.sixtrack peak result bar (618)
301.apsi 2600 220    1182      220    1182      301.apsi base result bar (1182)
301.apsi peak result bar (1182)
SPECfp_base2000 1389       
  SPECfp2000 1442       

Hardware Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices
Model Name: TYAN S2865 K8E Tomcat, AMD Opteron (TM) 146
CPU: AMD Opteron (TM) 146 (939-pin)
CPU MHz: 2000
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 64KBI + 64KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 1024KB(I+D) on chip
L3 Cache: N/A
Other Cache: N/A
Memory: 4x512 MB DDR400 CL2.0
Disk Subsystem: SATA, Western Digital WD740GD, 10000 rpm
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2
Compiler: Intel C++ 8.0 build 20040714Z,
Intel Fortran 8.1 for IA32 build 20041019Z,
PGI Fortran compiler 5.2-4 for Windows XP,
AMD Core Math library Version 2.1 (ACML),
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.0.9466 (libraries),
MicroQuill Smartheap Library 7.0
File System: NTFS
System State: Default
Notes / Tuning Information
  +FDO: PASS1=-Qprof_gen  PASS2=-Qprof_use
  +ACML is linking with AMD Core Math Library V2.1
  ONESTEP is set for all peak runs.
  ifort is the Intel Fortran compiler, icl is the Intel C++ compiler and
  pgf90 is the PGI Fortran compiler.
  The Intel C++ 8.0 and the Intel Fortran 8.1 compilers are setup in the following order:
     "c:\program files\intel\fortran\compiler80\ia32\bin\ifortvars.bat"
     "c:\program files\intel\cpp\compiler80\ia32\bin\iclvars.bat"
  To make sure that the correct libraries are selected, the following link option is 
  added for the peak runs where Intel Fortran 8.1 compiler is used:
      LDOPT = -Fe$@ -link -LIBPATH:"c:\program files\intel\fortran\compiler80\ia32\lib"
   (denoted by +LIBPATH:INTEL8.1 in the optimization flags listed below)
    178.galgel: -Mfixed
  Baseline: C      : icl   -fast -arch:SSE2 -QaxW +FDO
  Baseline: Fortran: pgf90 -fastsse -Mipa=fast,inline
  Peak tuning:
  168.wupwise:       pgf90 basepeak=yes
  171.swim:          ifort -Qipo  -O3  -QaxN -QxW +FDO -Qunroll0     +LIBPATH:INTEL8.1
  172.mgrid:         pgf90 basepeak=yes
  173.applu:         ifort -Qipo  -O3  -QaxN -QxW +FDO -auto         +LIBPATH:INTEL8.1
  177.mesa:          icl   -Qipo -arch:SSE2       +FDO -Qunroll1 -Qansi_alias
  179.art:           icl   -Qipo             -Zp4 +FDO
  183.equake:        icl   basepeak=yes
  178.galgel:        pgf90 -fastsse -Mipa=fast,safe RM_SOURCES=lapak.f90 -Munix +ACML
  187.facerec:       ifort -Qipo             -QxW +FDO -Qunroll3     +LIBPATH:INTEL8.1
  188.ammp:          icl   -Oa   -arch:SSE2  -Zp4      -Qansi_alias
  189.lucas:         ifort -Qipo             -QxW      -Qunroll1     +LIBPATH:INTEL8.1
  191.fma3d:         ifort -Qipo       -QaxN -QxW +FDO -Qansi-alias- +LIBPATH:INTEL8.1
  200.sixtrack:      pgf90 basepeak=yes
  301.apsi:          pgf90 basepeak=yes
 The tested system can be assembled using a standard ATX footprint, an Antec True 550
 Watt EPS12V power supply, and a PCI or PCIe graphics card.
 All memory slots were populated with Corsair CMX512-3200XL.
 Memory timings manually set in BIOS: CAS=2, TRCD=2, TRAS=5, TRP=2
 BIOS version 1.01

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