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Sun Microsystems
Sun Fire X4200
SPECint_rate2000 = 75.6  
SPECint_rate_base2000 = 69.2  
SPEC license # 6 Tested by: Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara Test date: Nov-2005 Hardware Avail: Dec-2005 Software Avail: Nov-2005
Graph Scale Benchmark Base
Copies Runtime Ratio
164.gzip base result bar (62.6)
164.gzip peak result bar (64.3)
164.gzip 4 104    62.6   4 101    64.3  
175.vpr base result bar (58.0)
175.vpr peak result bar (61.7)
175.vpr 4 112    58.0   4 105    61.7  
176.gcc base result bar (74.1)
176.gcc peak result bar (74.5)
176.gcc 4 68.9  74.1   4 68.5  74.5  
181.mcf base result bar (37.8)
181.mcf peak result bar (38.6)
181.mcf 4 221    37.8   4 217    38.6  
186.crafty base result bar (72.4)
186.crafty peak result bar (106)
186.crafty 4 64.1  72.4   4 43.9  106    
197.parser base result bar (61.5)
197.parser peak result bar (61.8)
197.parser 4 136    61.5   4 135    61.8  
252.eon base result bar (117)
252.eon peak result bar (129)
252.eon 4 51.6  117     4 46.9  129    
253.perlbmk base result bar (77.9)
253.perlbmk peak result bar (83.5)
253.perlbmk 4 107    77.9   4 100    83.5  
254.gap base result bar (61.5)
254.gap peak result bar (65.5)
254.gap 4 83.0  61.5   4 78.0  65.5  
255.vortex base result bar (104)
255.vortex peak result bar (133)
255.vortex 4 84.6  104     4 66.1  133    
256.bzip2 base result bar (57.4)
256.bzip2 peak result bar (60.6)
256.bzip2 4 121    57.4   4 115    60.6  
300.twolf base result bar (79.0)
300.twolf peak result bar (82.4)
300.twolf 4 176    79.0   4 169    82.4  
  SPECint_rate_base2000 69.2    
  SPECint_rate2000 75.6  

Hardware Vendor: Sun Microsystems
Model Name: Sun Fire X4200
CPU: AMD Opteron (TM) 285 SE
CPU MHz: 2600
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 4 cores, 2 chips, 2 cores/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1,2 (order by # of chips)
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 64KBI + 64KBD (on chip) per core
Secondary Cache: 1024KB (I+D) (on chip) per core
L3 Cache: N/A
Other Cache: N/A
Memory: 16GB (8x2GB, PC3200 CL3 DDR ECC Registered SDRAM)
Disk Subsystem: SAS, 36GB, 10K RPM
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Solaris 10 3/05 HW1
Compiler: Sun Studio 11
File System: ufs
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information
Compiler invocation: 
  C: cc
FDO:  PASS1= -xprofile=collect:./feedback PASS2= -xprofile=use:./feedback
      fdo_pre0:  rm -rf ./feedback.profile

Integer base flags:
     Base tuning for C programs  : -fast  -xcrossfile -xalias_level=std +FDO ONESTEP=yes 
     Base tuning for C++ programs: -fast  -xcrossfile -xarch=amd64 +FDO ONESTEP=yes

Integer peak flags:
 ONESTEP=yes +FDO for all benchmarks

 164.gzip:     -fast -xpagesize=2m -xcrossfile -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign
 175.vpr:      -fast -xpagesize=2m -W2,-Ainline:inc=200:cs=500 -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign -lmopt -lm
 176.gcc:      -fast -xipo=2 -Wd,-iropt-prof -xalias_level=strong -xrestrict
 181.mcf:      -fast -xpagesize=2m -xcrossfile -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign
 186.crafty:   -fast -xrestrict -xipo=2 -xprefetch -xarch=amd64 -xpagesize=2m
                -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign -Wd,-iropt-prof -W2,-Ashort_ldst:ldld 
 197.parser:   -fast -xpagesize=2m -xipo=2 -W2,-Ainline:inc=200:cs=500 -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign
 252.eon:      -fast -xipo=2 -qoption CC -iropt-prof -xvector -qoption iropt -Abcopy -xalias_level
               -xarch=amd64 -xrestrict -Qoption ube -xcallee=yes -xregs=frameptr
 253.perlbmk:  -fast -xcrossfile  -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign -lbsdmalloc
 254.gap:      -fast -xipo=2 -Wd,-iropt-prof -xvector -W2,-Abcopy -lbsdmalloc -xprefetch
                -W2,-Ainline:cp=5:rs=1300:irs=3300:inc=100 -W2,-Arestrict_g
 255.vortex:   -fast -xipo=2 -Wd,-iropt-prof -lbsdmalloc -xrestrict -xprefetch -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign
 256.bzip2:    -fast -xpagesize=2m -xcrossfile -xarch=sse2 -Xc -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign -lbsdmalloc
 300.twolf:    -fast -xipo=2 -Wd,-iropt-prof -xrestrict -M /usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign

 253.perlbmk: -DSPEC_CPU2000_SOLARIS_X86

Shell Environments:
  Stack size set to unlimited via "ulimit -s unlimited"
Processes were bound to CPUs using submit=pbind       
Default BIOS setting was used 

This result was measured on the Sun Fire X4200.  In addition, 
Sun has submitted the same result for the Sun Fire X4100, which is 
electronically equivalent to the Sun Fire X4200.

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