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IBM Corporation
IBM System p5 510 (2100 Mhz, 1 CPU, SLES)
SPECfp2000 = 3293     
SPECfp_base2000 = 2773     
SPEC license # 11 Tested by: IBM Austin Test date: Oct-2006 Hardware Avail: Aug-2006 Software Avail: Dec-2006
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
168.wupwise 1600 47.3  3379      41.0  3902      168.wupwise base result bar (3379)
168.wupwise peak result bar (3902)
171.swim 3100 91.2  3398      73.9  4194      171.swim base result bar (3398)
171.swim peak result bar (4194)
172.mgrid 1800 75.8  2375      58.4  3082      172.mgrid base result bar (2375)
172.mgrid peak result bar (3082)
173.applu 2100 96.6  2173      72.9  2879      173.applu base result bar (2173)
173.applu peak result bar (2879)
177.mesa 1400 97.8  1431      97.8  1431      177.mesa base result bar (1431)
177.mesa peak result bar (1431)
178.galgel 2900 52.1  5561      32.0  9066      178.galgel base result bar (5561)
178.galgel peak result bar (9066)
179.art 2600 18.1  14340       15.9  16367       179.art base result bar (14340)
179.art peak result bar (16367)
183.equake 1300 24.2  5366      19.3  6730      183.equake base result bar (5366)
183.equake peak result bar (6730)
187.facerec 1900 67.4  2819      67.4  2819      187.facerec base result bar (2819)
187.facerec peak result bar (2819)
188.ammp 2200 158    1392      156    1415      188.ammp base result bar (1392)
188.ammp peak result bar (1415)
189.lucas 2000 58.2  3437      34.6  5785      189.lucas base result bar (3437)
189.lucas peak result bar (5785)
191.fma3d 2100 121    1738      111    1899      191.fma3d base result bar (1738)
191.fma3d peak result bar (1899)
200.sixtrack 1100 120    916     116    949     200.sixtrack base result bar (916)
200.sixtrack peak result bar (949)
301.apsi 2600 127    2043      127    2044      301.apsi base result bar (2043)
301.apsi peak result bar (2044)
SPECfp_base2000 2773       
  SPECfp2000 3293       

Hardware Vendor: IBM Corporation
Model Name: IBM System p5 510 (2100 Mhz, 1 CPU, SLES)
CPU MHz: 2100
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 2 cores/chip (SMT off)
CPU(s) orderable: 1,2 core
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 64 KB I + 32 KB D on chip per core
Secondary Cache: 1920 KB I+D on chip per chip
L3 Cache: 36 MB I+D off chip per chip
Other Cache: None
Memory: 16 GB (8x2GB)
Disk Subsystem: 1x73GB SCSI, 15K RPM
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: SLES
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (ppc) VERSION = 10
w/ Linux kernel
Compiler: IBM XL C/C++ Advanced Edition V8.0.1 for Linux

IBM XL Fortran Advanced Edition V10.1.1 for Linux

Other software:
- IBM Engineering and Scientific Subroutine
Library (ESSL) for Linux - Version 4.2.5
File System: reiserfs
System State: Multi-User
Notes / Tuning Information
     Feedback directed optimization enabled by:  PASS1=-qpdf1  PASS2=-qpdf2

 FP compilers
    C: invoked as xlc
    Fortran 77 and Fortran 90: invoked as xlf90, except as noted below

 FP Portability Flags
   -qfixed used in:        168.wupwise, 171.swim, 172.mgrid, 173.applu, 
                           178.galgel, 200.sixtrack, 301.apsi
   -qsuffix=f=f90 used in: 178.galgel, 187.facerec, 189.lucas, 191.fma3d

 FP Base Optimization Flags:
   C:       +FDO -O5
   Fortran: +FDO -O5

 Floating Point Peak Flags

     +FDO -O5 -qsave -lmass 
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O5 
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O4 -q64  
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O5 -q64
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     Fortran invoked as xlf90_r
     +FDO -O5 -qessl -lessl -lmass 
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O5 
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O5
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O3 -qalign=linuxppc
     +FDO -O3 -qarch=auto -qtune=auto 
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O5
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     +FDO -O3 -qarch=auto -qtune=auto
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     Fortran invoked as xlf90_r 
     +FDO -O5 -qessl
     -B/usr/share/libhugetlbfs/ -tl -Wl,--hugetlbfs-link=BDT
     extra_libs = -lessl
 System Settings:
 -- ulimit stack size set to unlimited
 SMT: Acronym for 'Simultaneous Multi-Threading'.  A processor technology that allows
      the simultaneous execution of multiple thread contexts within a single processor
      core. SMT is enabled by default.
 Large pages reserved as follows by root user:
     echo 30 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages
 System configured with libhugetlbfs library for application access to large pages
 Environment variables set as follows:
     export HUGETLB_MORECORE=yes
 Linux booted with the options:
        maxcpus=1 smt-enabled=off
 Each process was bound to a cpu using submit= with the taskset command
    submit = taskset -p -c \$SPECUSERNUM \$\$ >/dev/null ; $command
 This result was measured on an IBM System p5 510.   IBM System p5 505 and IBM System
 p5 510 (2-core version) are electronically equivalent.

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