CPU2006 Flag Description
Apple, Inc. 3.0 GHz 8-Core Xserve

Last updated: 8-Apr-2008

This flags disclosure file describes the compiler flags associated with the following Intel compilers:

Base Compiler Invocation

C benchmarks

C++ benchmarks

Base Portability Flags




Base Optimization Flags

C benchmarks

C++ benchmarks

Implicitly Included Flags

This section contains descriptions of flags that were included implicitly by other flags, but which do not have a permanent home at SPEC.

System and Other Tuning Information

Platform settings

The system under test is deemed reasonably quiet by turning off the following from the System Preferences panel:


Sets the maximum number of threads to use for OpenMP* parallel regions if no other value is specified in the application. This environment variable applies to both -openmp and -parallel (Linux and Mac OS X).
Example syntax on a Mac OS X system with 8 cores:

Flag description origin markings:

[user] Indicates that the flag description came from the user flags file.
[suite] Indicates that the flag description came from the suite-wide flags file.
[benchmark] Indicates that the flag description came from a per-benchmark flags file.

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