Platform Settings for Altos AMD-based servers

Operating System Tuning Parameters

Free the file system page cache
The command "sysctl -w vm.drop_caches=3" is used to free up the filesystem page cache.

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

Power Policy Quick Settings
Allows the user to set an overall power and performance policy for the system.
The default settings of this option is "Standard".
[Best Performance] Optimization is strongly toward performance, even at the expense of energy efficiency.
[Standard] Weights optimization toward energy conservation, with good performance.
[Power Saving] Optimization is strongly toward energy efficiency
NUMA Nodes Per Socket
Specifies the number of desired NUMA nodes per socket.
[NPS0]Zero will attempt to interleave the two sockets together.
The default settings of this option is "Standard".
[NPS1]Specify one NUMA node per socket
[NPS2]Specify two NUMA nodes per socket
[NPS4]Specify four NUMA nodes per socket
[AUTO]NUMA nodes per socket is determined automatically