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Intel VC820 motherboard

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SPECfp95 32.2
SPECfp_base95 31.9

Benchmark # and Name Reference Time Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
101.tomcatv 370082.644.88245.3
102.swim 860010780.110780.0
103.su2cor 140088.515.88716.2
104.hydro2d 240014816.214916.1
107.mgrid 250075.633.17533.1
110.applu 220012218.012118.2
125.turb3d 410013330.713430.5
141.apsi 210078.526.87527.9
145.fpppp 960016757.416757.4
146.wave5 300070.542.67042.9
SPECfp_base95 31.9
SPECfp95 32.2

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 14
Tested By: Intel Corporation
Test Date: Mar-2000
Hardware Avail: Mar-2000
Software Avail: Feb-2000

Hardware Information:
Model Name: Intel VC820 motherboard (1.0 GHz Pentium III)
CPU: 1.0 GHz Pentium III processor
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 1
Primary Cache: 16KBI+16KBD on-die
Secondary Cache: 256KB(I+D) on-die ECC
Other Cache: None
Memory: 256 MB PC800 RDRAM non-ECC
Disk Subsystem: IBM DJNA 371800 ATA-66
Other Hardware: Diamond Multimedia Viper 770 Ultra TNT2 AGP

Software Information:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 (Build 2195)
Compiler: Intel Fortran Compiler Plug-in V4.5 for Windows 2000
File System: FAT32
System State: Default


+FDO: PASS1=-Qprof_gen -Qprof_dir c:/temp/IRCDB PASS2=-Qprof_use -Qprof_dir c:/temp/IRCDB
Base flags: -Qipo_wp -QaxK -O3 +FDO
-Qprof_dir is a location flag and not an optimization flag
Peak flags: 
101: -QaxK -O3 -Qrcd -Qip -Qipo_wp -Qscalar_rep- +FDO
102: -QxK -O3 -Qpc 32 -Qipo_wp
103: -QxK -O3 -Qip -Qipo_wp
104: -QxK -O3 -Qip -Qscalar_rep- -Qipo_wp +FDO
107: -QaxK -O3 -Qip +FDO
110: -Qipo_wp +FDO
125: -QaxK -O3 -Qrcd -Qip -Qprefetch- +FDO
141: -QxK -O3 -Qip -Qprefetch-
145: -Qipo_wp -QaxK -O3 +FDO
146: -O3 -QxK -Qipo_wp -Qscalar_rep-
Tested systems can be used with Shin-G ATX case, Sparkle, Inc. ATX Power Supply
Product description located as of 11/99:
Motherboard is available through Intel OEM Distribution Channel. See
http://channel.intel.com/ for more information
The system bus runs at 133 MHz

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