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SPECfp_rate95 33267
SPECfp_rate_base95 28697

Benchmark # and Name Base # Copies Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak # Copies Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
SPECfp_rate_base95 28697
SPECfp_rate95 33267

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 2
Tested By: Compaq NH
Test Date: Mar-2000
Hardware Avail: Mar-2000
Software Avail: Apr-2000

Hardware Information:
Model Name: Compaq AlphaServer SC
CPU: 667 MHz 21264A
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 64, 16 nodes x 4 each
Primary Cache: 64KB(I)+64KB(D) on chip
Secondary Cache: 8MB off chip, per CPU
Other Cache: none
Memory: 4GB per node
Disk Subsystem: RAID-0 6x18GB (10,000 RPM), striped
across 6x HSG80, attached to node 0
Other Hardware: Ethernet

Software Information:
Operating System: Tru64 UNIX 5.0
AlphaServer SC System Software T1.0-49
Compiler: Fortran V5.3
KAP Fortran V4.2
File System: AdvFS
System State: Multi User


base:    kf77 -arch ev6 -O5 -transform_loops -fkapargs='-ur=1'
tomcatv: kf90 -arch ev6 -O5 -inline none 
.        -fkapargs='-fuselevel=2 -ur=9 -ur2=460 -ur3=30 '
swim:    kf77 -arch ev6 -O5 -fkapargs='-ag=a -fuselevel=2 -ur=1'
su2cor:  kf90 -arch ev6 -O3 -transform_loops -automatic 
.        -fkapargs=' -ag=abfg -r=0 -nointerleave -ur2=260 '
hydro2d: kf90 -arch ev6 -O5 -fkapargs='-fuselevel=2 -ur2=860'
mgrid:   kf77 -arch ev6 -O5 -speculate all -fkapargs='-fuselevel=2 -ur=1'
applu:   kf90 -arch ev6 -transform_loops -automatic -fkapargs=' -r=2 -o=0 -ur2=60 '
turb3d:  kf90 -arch ev6 -O5 -speculate all -automatic -fkapargs=' -ag=a -o=1 -ur2=760 -ur3=100 '
apsi:    kf90 -arch ev6 -O2 -pipeline -automatic 
.        -fkapargs=' -fuselevel=2 -ur=8 -ur2=60 '
fpppp:   kf90 -arch ev6 -O2 -transform_loops -fkapargs='-so=0 -o=0'
wave5:   kf90 -arch ev6 -O5 -transform_loops -unroll 15 
.        -fkapargs='-r=1 -o=2 -ur2=260 -ur3=30' 
The SC is 16 nodes, 4 CPUs per node.  Nodes 1-15 were used to run benchmarks; node 0 had runspec itself.
There is also a front end, where the "Partition Manager" runs; it has 2x 500MHz Alpha 21264 CPUs.
submitnnn = echo "%command%" > dobmk; prun -B <node> -c 1 -n 1 -N 1 sh dobmk
The SPECfp_rate95 executables were only run on 60 of the 64 CPUs.

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