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Intel AL440LX Motherboard(433MHz, Celeron processor)

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SPECfp95 10.9
SPECfp_base95 10.4

Benchmark # and Name Reference Time Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
101.tomcatv 370024315.222516.5
102.swim 860038422.433225.9
103.su2cor 14002874.892814.98
104.hydro2d 24004505.344505.34
107.mgrid 25004225.923886.44
110.applu 22003296.692837.76
125.turb3d 410039310.438510.6
141.apsi 210019111.019111.0
145.fpppp 960036926.036926.0
146.wave5 300022213.522413.4
SPECfp_base95 10.4
SPECfp95 10.9

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 14
Tested By: Intel Corp.
Test Date: Mar-99
Hardware Avail: Mar-99
Software Avail: Mar-99

Hardware Information:
Model Name: Intel AL440LX Motherboard
CPU: 433MHz Celeron processor
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 1
Primary Cache: 16KBI+16KBD
Secondary Cache: None
Other Cache: 128KB(I+D)
Memory: 64MB 100MHz SDRAM
Disk Subsystem: Seagate
Other Hardware: Diamond Multimedia Viper V330 AGP

Software Information:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Compiler: Intel Fortran Compiler 2.4 for Windows NT
File System: NTFS
System State: Default


Flags: Base: -G6 -Qpc 64 
101: -G6 -Qpc 64 -Qpad -Qrct -Qpad_dim 5
102: -G6  -Qpad -Qpad_dim 2 -Qpc 32
103: -G6  -Qpad -Qrct -Qpc 64
104: -G6  -Qpc 64 
107: -Qpad -Qpc 64 -QIfdiv-
110: -G6  -Qip -mP2OPT_opt_bblock_stat_limit=10000 -Qpc 64
125: -G6 -Qpc 64 -Qpad  
141: -G6  -Qpc 64
145: -G6 -Qpc 64 
146: -G6  -Qpc 64 
The Intel Fortran Compiler 2.4 for Windows NT is shipped with VTune 4.0.    
See http://developer.intel.com/
Tested systems can be used with: Shin-G ATX Computer Case; Sparkle, Inc. ATX
Power Supply
Product description located as of 8/98:
Motherboard is available through Intel OEM Distribution Channel.    
See http://www.intel.com/intel/contact/ for further information

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