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Sun Enterprise 4500

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SPECfp95 61.5
SPECfp_base95 45.1

Benchmark # and Name Reference Time Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
101.tomcatv 370034.110927139
102.swim 860011.674281036
103.su2cor 140037.337.52653.5
104.hydro2d 240034.270.33177.1
107.mgrid 250022.511123108
110.applu 220013316.512118.2
125.turb3d 410027714.819621.0
141.apsi 21002329.047129.4
145.fpppp 960038325.124139.9
146.wave5 300011226.811226.9
SPECfp_base95 45.1
SPECfp95 61.5

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 6
Tested By: Sun, Palo Alto
Test Date: Mar-99
Hardware Avail: May-99
Software Avail: Mar-99

Hardware Information:
Model Name: Sun Enterprise 4500
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 12
Primary Cache: 16KBI+16KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 8MB(I+D) off chip per CPU
Other Cache: None
Memory: 12GB
Disk Subsystem: 6 x 4GB
Other Hardware: FastEthernet

Software Information:
Operating System: Solaris7_64bit
Compiler: Sun F77 5.0
File System: UFS
System State: Multi-User
Kernel Extensions:


BCOPY =  -Qoption iropt -O4+bcopy
INV =    -Qoption iropt -O4+invccexp
FULTRA = -xarch=v8plusa -xchip=ultra
Baseline: -fast -xarch=v8plusa -xprefetch  -xparallel
101.tomcatv: -fast ${FULTRA} -xpad=local:23 -xprefetch -xreduction -xparallel
102.swim: -fast ${FULTRA} -xpad=common:15 -xprefetch -fsimple=2 -xparallel
103.su2cor: -fast ${FULTRA} -xvector -Qoption cg -Qms_pipe+nfll=5 -fsimple=2 -xprefetch ${BCOPY} -xreduction -xparallel -lmvec
104.hydro2d: -fast ${FULTRA} -xprefetch -Qoption iropt -O4+pde -fsimple=2 -xprofile=use  -xparallel
107.mgrid: -fast ${FULTRA} -xprefetch -fsimple=2 ${BCOPY} -xparallel
110.applu: -fast ${FULTRA} -fsimple=2 -xparallel
110 cont: -Qoption iropt -O4+ddint+scalarrep+perfect+loop_dist+pde+algassoc,-Mt6000,-Mr20000,-Ma140,-ldstr
125.turb3d: -fast ${FULTRA} -stackvar -xpad -fsimple=2 -Qoption iropt -O4+bcopy ${INV} -xvector=yes
141.apsi: -fast ${FULTRA} -fsimple=2 -stackvar -Qoption iropt -Si36 ${INV} -Qoption iropt -O4+algassoc 
145.fpppp: -fast ${FULTRA} -xO5 -xsafe=mem -fsimple=2 
145 cont: -Qoption iropt -O4+algassoc -Qoption iropt -reroll=1 -xprofile=use 
146.wave5: -fast ${FULTRA}  -stackvar -fsimple=2 -Qoption iropt -O4+unroll ${BCOPY}

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