XPC Group Seeks
Input on New Benchmark

The X Performance Characterization (XPC) project group is seeking feedback from the X developer and user communities on applications that are most affected by the performance of X servers. The information will be used to help determine standard benchmark files for the Xlib Playback Benchmark (XPB), the new benchmark being developed by the group. When it becomes available later in 1996, the XPB will be the first standard benchmark for measuring X-server performance based on typical user applications.

The XPC group wants to make certain it develops benchmarks for applications where there is a strong correlation between application performance and X performance. Two standard benchmark files are currently in development, one based on Frame document and image management software, and the other based on ProEngineer, the popular CAD/CAM/CAE software package. The benchmark files are derived from live recording sessions of users working with typical functions from the selected application. Other applications being considered for standard benchmark files include the industry-standard Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and Mentor Graphics.

Please send suggestions, recommendations and opinions to the XPC group's e-mail alias: xpc-advisory@sun.com.

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