Picture-Level Benchmark Report
© Copyright 1997, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

Digital AlphaStation 500/333
PowerStorm 4D20
Digital PHIGS
Composite PLBmarks
PLBwire93 171.0
PLBsurf93 129.3
Benchmark NameNormalizing FactorPLBmarks
3D Wireframe
1. sys_chassis1200108.6188.3
2. race_car6800171.6240.6
3. seafloor6200171.4172.8
3D Surface
4. cyl_head120094.2107.8
5. head4800166.8NA
6. shuttle4000136.3139.7
7. studio2500120.4NA
8. oceantopo25000NR

OptimizationsUsed in Benchmark #
A. Sort lines by attribute 1,3
B. Connect common endpoints 1,2
C. Remove redundant attributes 1,3
D. Adjacent polylines of same attrs mapped to pppolylineset3data 1,2,3
E. Adjacent polygons of same attrs mapped to ppindexpolygonsdata 4,6
F. Facet normals precomputed where not supplied 4,6

Graphics Accelerator PowerStorm 4D20 Processor Type 21164 333 MHz Operating System Digital UNIX V3.2C (R 148)
Total Graphics Memory 16 MB Number of CPUs 1 Compiler Name
Image Buffer 24 bits Floating Point Integral Compiler Version
Overlay/Underlay Buffer 4/0 Primary Cache (KB) 8/8 (D/I) Window System Digital UNIX V3.2C DWS (R 148)
Depth Buffer 24 Secondary Cache (KB) 96 (D+I) API Digital PHIGS
Stencil Buffer VM Tertiary Cache (KB) API Version V4.0
Accumulation Buffer VM Memory (MB) 64 API Vendor Digital Equipment Corporation
Auxiliary Buffer VM Disk (MB) 1050 PLB Version V2.0rA
Other Buffer 4 Driver Version Not Applicable
Display List Memory VM Comments
Texture Memory VM
Visual Class = TrueColor12
Display Manufacturer/Model bundled
Display Resolution 1280x1024
Display Size/Type 21-inch/color
Display Refresh Rate 72 Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace No

List Price (as of 3/3/97)$19,235 (includes monitor)
Test Date1/96
General AvailabilityNow

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