hp workstation xw5000 2.8GHz ATI FireGL X1

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Graphics Hardware Configuration System Hardware Configuration Software Configuration
Graphics Accelerator ATI FireGL X1 Processor Type Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz. Operating System Windows 2000 (Build 2195: Service Pack 3)
Total Graphics Memory 256 MB Number of CPUs 1 O/S Type Windows 2000
Image Buffer 32 + 32 bits Floating Point Integrated Compiler Name Microsoft Visual C++
Overlay/Underlay Buffer 16/0 + 16/0 bits Primary Cache (KB) 12k (u-code) / 8k (D) Compiler Version 5.0.1 (build 010727Z)
Depth Buffer 32 bit Secondary Cache (KB) 512 KB Window System Microsoft Windows 2000
Stencil Buffer 8bit Tertiary Cache (KB) 0 OpenGL Version 1.3.1024
Accumulation Buffer Virtual memory Memory (MB) 512 MB OpenGL Renderer Fire GL X1 Pentium 4 (SSE2)
Auxiliary Buffer 0 Disk (MB) 40000 OpenGL Vendor ATI TECHNOLOGIES INC.
Other Buffer 0bit Driver Version 5.12.2195.1024
Display List Memory Virtual Memory Viewperf Version 7.0
Texture Memory 238 MB Viewperf Executable Standard
Display Manufacturer/Model Compaq P720 Comments
Display Resolution 1280x1024
Display Size/Type 17 -inch
Display Refresh Rate 75 Hz.
Swap on Vertical Retrace Off

Price $2,637 (as of 12/16/2002)(list)(includes monitor)
Test Date12/02
General Availability12/02
Submitted byhp

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