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SPECapc Releases New SolidWorks Benchmark -- July 2003

SPEC/GPC Announces Plan for Outside Submissions -- July 2003

News and Updates -- the latest issue of the SPEC/GPC e-newsletter -- April 2003

New SPECviewperf 7.1 Benchmark Gets
Closer to Real-World Application Performance
-- March 2003

SPECapc Releases New Benchmark for
Solid Edge Version 12 CAD/CAM Software
-- March 2003

SPEC/GPC, Project Groups Elect Officers -- February 2003

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The Benchmarks

SPECapcSM for SolidWorks 2003™
*NEW* 2 July 2003

SPECviewperf® 7.1
19 March 2003

SPECapcSM for Solid Edge V12
19 March 2003

SPECapcSM for Pro/ENGINEER™ 2001
24 July 2002

SPECapcSM for 3ds max™ 4.2
1 May 2002

SPECapcSM for SolidWorks 2001Plus™
1 May 2002

SPECapcSM for Unigraphics V17
24 October 2002

Previous SPECapcSM Benchmarks

Previous SPECopcSM Benchmarks

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