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SPECapcSM benchmark v1.0
for Solid Edge V9

 hp workstation x2000 Wildcat II 5110
 Wildcat II 5110
Submitted by:  hp
Graphics Composite:  4.927
CPU Composite:  2.525
File I/O Composite:  5.820
Workflow Composite:  1.865
Overall Composite:  3.409
Submission Date:  31-Aug-2001
Test Date: Aug-2001
Availability Date:  Sep-2001
Price:  $5,488 (as of Sep 1 2001)(list)(includes monitor)

Graphics Hardware Configuration
Graphics Accelerator  Wildcat II 5110
Graphics Driver
Color Depth  24 bits
Overlay/Underlay Buffer  16 bits
Depth Buffer  32 bits
Stencil Buffer  8 bits
Accumulation Buffer  0
Auxiliary Buffer  
Other Buffer  0 bits
Display List Memory  16 MB
Texture Memory  64 MB
System Hardware Configuration 
CPU Type  Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
Number of CPUs  1
Floating Point  integrated
Primary Cache (KB)  12k (u-code) / 8k (D)
Secondary Cache (KB)  256k
Tertiary Cache (KB)  0
Memory (MB)  1024 MB PC800 ECC RDRAM
Page Size (KB)  4096
Disk Size (GB)  18 GB
Disk Manuf / Model  Quantum Typhoon 18XL
Disk RPM  10,000
Disk Interface  SCSI Ultra 160
Disk Controller (opt)  
Display Hardware Configuration
Manufacturer/Model  HP D8907A
Resolution  1280 x 1024
Size/Type  17"
Refresh Rate  75 Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace  Off
System Software Configuration
Operating Sytem  Microsoft Windows 2000
Window System  Windows
API Vendor/Version  OpenGL
Application Version  9
Window Width  1280
Window Height  1024

Graphics Benchmark Description Run
Smooth Shading 5.369
Smooth Shading w/ Textures/Reflections 5.156
Wireframe 4.322

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