Performance Watchers:
You've Come to the Right Place

The OPC project group's Viewperf has become the standard benchmark by which to measure 3D graphics performance under OpenGL. There are now 21 members of the OpenGL Performance Characterization (OPC) project group, 16 of which are actively reporting performance numbers. Numbers are being reported under UNIX, Windows NT, and Windows 95 operating systems.

As the competition heats up between PCs armed with powerful graphics boards and lower-cost workstations, vendors, analysts and trade press members are looking to Viewperf to provide performance comparisons. Viewperf numbers appear regularly in trade publications such as Byte, Computer Graphics World, The CAD Report, CAE, Engineering Automation Report and many others. And, of course, vendors are regularly using Viewperf numbers in their marketing materials.

We expect reporting of numbers to be even more widespread in the future, especially with the OPC project group's intention to add more PC-oriented viewsets and viewsets that represent more markets. For those who are interested in performance comparisons that are repeatable, complete and useful over diverse platforms, operating systems, windowing environments, and market segments, this is the place to be.

-- Bob Cramblitt, Editor, GPC News

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