OPC Group Updates Viewperf Benchmark;
Replacing CDRS with Pro/DESIGNER
TM Viewsets

SPEC/GPC's OpenGL Performance Characterization (OPC) project group has completed a new version of its Viewperf 3D graphics benchmark and will be introducing a new viewset designed with Pro/DESIGNERTM software from Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). The Pro/DESIGNER viewset will replace the popular CDRS (Conceptual Design Rendering Software) viewset.

The new version of Viewperf will allow the OPC group to work with independent software vendors (ISVs) to update and add to its current viewsets. It includes support for features such as multiple primitive types, multiple textures, texture objects, and explicit texture coordinates. The Pro/DESIGNER viewset is expected to be available by the end of this year. The CDRS viewset will be phased out six months after the first reporting of results for the Pro/DESIGNER viewsets. The OPC group also plans to pursue viewsets based on popular CAD/CAM applications.

Viewperf benchmark software measures the 3D rendering performance of systems running under the OpenGL application programming interface (API). Viewsets are the test files that run under Viewperf. Developed for the OPC group by ISVs, viewsets represent the same mix of graphics rendering and manipulation found in the actual applications. The CDRS viewset is based on the industrial design software originally developed by Evans & Sutherland and purchased by Parametric Technology Corporation in March 1995.

Pro/DESIGNER is part of Parametric Technology Corporation's Industrial Design Solutions. It is a comprehensive software package that contains powerful tools to easily create, modify and evaluate complex, free-form models. The accuracy of the surfaces created in Pro/DESIGNER enables the geometry to be used directly by engineering - thoroughly integrating the design-through-manufacturing cycle.

PTC implementation engineers are working with the OPC group to develop the new Pro/DESIGNER viewset, ensuring that it will represent real-world user interaction with graphics models and operations.

"Benchmarks and test files have to change with graphics technology," says John Spitzer of Raycer Graphics, chair of the OPC project group. "We are updating Viewperf and its viewsets to better reflect the newest generation of applications and to ensure that there's enough headroom to meet the benchmarking demands of current and future graphics systems."


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