Picture-Level Benchmark Report
© Copyright 1998, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

Fujitsu Limited S-4/20H Model 200
Composite PLBmarks
PLBwire93 43.4
PLBsurf93 72.9
Benchmark NameNormalizing FactorPLBmarks
3D Wireframe
1. sys_chassis120040.161.7
2. race_car680039.751.6
3. seafloor620036.236.6
3D Surface
4. cyl_head120041.458.5
5. head4800131.7131.9
6. shuttle400069.875.8
7. studio250058.960.9
8. oceantopo2500039.639.7

OptimizationsUsed in Benchmark #
A. Geometric entities with identical attributes gathered together 1,4,5,6
B. Some LINE/LINE3's with common endpoints collapsed into one 1,2
C. Some adjacent geometric primitives mapped to single XGL 1,2,3,8
D. Some polygons converted into triangle strips 4,5,6,7
E. Some adjacent polygons collapsed in one entity and converted 7
into a single triangle strip

Graphics Accelerator AG-10 Processor Type 200Mhz hyperSparc Operating System SunOS 5.5.1
Total Graphics Memory 28 MB Number of CPUs 1 Compiler Name SPARCompiler
Image Buffer 24+24 bits Floating Point Integral Compiler Version 3.0.1
Overlay/Underlay Buffer 8/0 bits Primary Cache (KB) 32 (I) Window System X Windows System V11R5
Depth Buffer 24 bits Secondary Cache (KB) 512 (D+I) API XGL
Stencil Buffer 4 bits Tertiary Cache (KB) N/A API Version 3.2.1
Accumulation Buffer 0 bits Memory (MB) 32 API Vendor Fujitsu Limited
Auxiliary Buffer 0 bits Disk (MB) 2150.4 PLB Version V2.1rC
Other Buffer 8+4 bits Driver Version Not Applicable
Display List Memory Virtual Memory Comments
Texture Memory N/A
System currently only available in Japan.
Display Manufacturer/Model bundled
Display Resolution 1152x900
Display Size/Type 17-inch/Color
Display Refresh Rate 67 Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace Yes

List Price (as of 12/26/96)2,000,000 yen (includes monitor)
Test Date1/97
General AvailabilityNow

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