Picture-Level Benchmark Report
© Copyright 1998, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

Sun Ultra 10 Elite3D-m3 Model 333
Composite PLBmarks
PLBwire93 289.8
PLBsurf93 495.0
Benchmark NameNormalizing FactorPLBmarks
3D Wireframe
1. sys_chassis1200247.0438.5
2. race_car6800292.6344.2
3. seafloor6200233.1NR
3D Surface
4. cyl_head1200263.2611.9
5. head4800789.4NR
6. shuttle4000287.2NR
7. studio2500660.0NR
8. oceantopo25000415.8NR

OptimizationsUsed in Benchmark #
A. Some adjacent geometric primitives mapped to single XGL primitive 1,2,4
B. Geometric entities with identical attributes reordered to eliminate redundant attributes1
C. Some LINE/LINE3's with common endpoints collapsed into one entity 1,2
D. XGL Gcache structure filled during file parsing 4
E. Facet normals computed for surface primitives when not provided 4

Graphics Accelerator Elite3D-m3 Processor Type 333MHz UltraSPARC-IIi Operating System Solaris 2.6 HW2
Total Graphics Memory 15 MB Number of CPUs 1 Compiler Name
Image Buffer 24+24 bits Floating Point Integral Compiler Version
Overlay/Underlay Buffer 8/0 bits (shared with window planes) Primary Cache (KB) 16/16 KB (D/I) Window System X Windows System V11
Depth Buffer 28 bits Secondary Cache (KB) 2048 (D+I) API XGL
Stencil Buffer 4 bits Tertiary Cache (KB) 0 API Version 3.2
Accumulation Buffer 0 bits Memory (MB) 128 API Vendor Sun Microsystems
Auxiliary Buffer 0 bits Disk (MB) 4300 PLB Version V2.1rC
Other Buffer 8 bits Driver Version Not Applicable
Display List Memory Virtual Memory Comments
Texture Memory Virtual Memory
System tested with environment variable: XGL_DB_NO_VRT_SYNC=1
Display Manufacturer/Model Bundled
Display Resolution 1280x1024
Display Size/Type 17-inch/Color
Display Refresh Rate 76Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace No

List Price (as of 6/16/98)$10,705 (includes monitor)
Test Date6/98
General AvailabilityNow

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