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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

With the release of OMP2012, the OMP2001 benchmark will begin the retirement process. Results for OMP2001 will be accepted until January 16, 2013. After that date, only OMP2012 result submissions will be accepted.

SPEC OMP (OpenMP Benchmark Suite) is SPEC's first benchmark suite for evaluating performance based on OpenMP ( applications. SPEC OMP continues the SPEC tradition of giving HPC users the most objective and representative benchmark suite for measuring the performance of SMP (shared memory multi-processor) systems.

The current version of the OMP suite is V3.2. This version is equivalent to the previous version, 3.1c, but includes clarification on licensing for some of the benchmarks. Licensees of OMP2001 V3.0 and V3.1 are eligible for an upgrade to V3.2; contact the SPEC office with your license number for information on obtaining the upgrade.

Result submissions using version 3.0 are no longer being accepted; all submitted results must now use version 3.1 or later.

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SPEC OMP Benchmark Suite Highlights

  • The benchmarks are adapted from SPEC CPU2000 and contributions to its search program.
  • The focus is to deliver systems performance to real scientific and engineering applications.
  • The size and runtime reflect the needs of engineers and researchers to model large complex tasks.
  • Two levels of workload characterize the performance of medium and large sized systems.
  • Tools based on the SPEC CPU2000 toolset make these the easiest ever HPC tests to run.
  • These benchmarks place heavy demands on systems and memory.


Submitted Results
Text, HTML, PDF, PostScript file outputs for the SPEC OMPM2001 and OMPL2001 metrics; includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from the SPEC member companies and other licensees of the benchmark.

Flag and Source Disclosures
Explanations from the testers elaborating on any cryptic flags in the results' notes sections, and any source code modifications provided for peak performance results.

Approved Alternate Source Codes
Some of the results submitted to SPEC and published on use alternate benchmark source code and/or third-party alternate software approved by SPEC. Licensees of the OMP benchmark suite may obtain the alternate source codes by sending an email request to


SPEC OMP Benchmark Press Releases
Benchmark announcement day press release materials: 

SPEC OMP Benchmark Suite Documentation
SPEC OMP support and technical documents:

Issues Building/Running SPEC OMP Benchmark Suite
Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPEC OMP benchmarks.

Order Your Own Copy of the SPEC OMP Benchmark Suite!
The online order form to purchase this and any other SPEC/HPG benchmark.

Future Benchmark Development, Call For Participation:

SPEC/HPG has continuing benchmark development efforts underway, and would welcome your participation. If you're a HPC application developer, system supplier, or user, this is your opportunity to help shape the standardized testing of your competitors! Contact SPEC.