SPEC MPI2007: Changes in V2.0

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Introduction: Who Wants V2.0?

SPEC MPI2007 V2.0 adds the large data set to the SPEC MPI2007 V1.1. This means SPEC MPI2007 will now have two different metric sets, one for smaller MPI systems (16-128 ranks) and one which is larger (64-2048 ranks). Results generated with V2.0 for the SPEC MPIM2007 (medium) suite are comparable to results from V1.1 and V1.0. Results generated with V2.0 for the SPEC MPIL2007 (large) suite are not comparable to SPEC MPIM2007 (medium) suite results, as the large data set results are different from the medium. V2.0 is intended to add the large suite, as well as improve compatibility, stability, documentation and ease of use of the medium suite. Changes are intended to be useful to several kinds of users:

For users of with bigger systems:

For anyone who reads (or produces) a result:

If you have already used SPEC MPI2007 V1.1 or V1.0 and already have configuration files, it is recommended that you read through this document and also consider the document changes-in-v1.1, so as to avoid surprises during use of V2.0. Among the changes that you are likely to be affected by are the addition of the large benchmark suite, the naming of data sets, and the changes to runspec.


(This table of contents proceeds in rough order of time for a user of the suite: you acquire a platform, ensure that you are familiar with the rules, build the benchmarks, run them, generate reports, and occasionally use utilities and other features.)

Large Benchmark Suite

Benchmark Changes








New Benchmarks






Running Benchmarks

1.  Runspec - large

2.  Data Sets - name changes


1.  New Metrics

2.  Report Names

V1.1 Errata


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Large Benchmark Suite

Version 2.0 of the SPEC MPI2007 benchmark suite sees the addition of the large component. The large suite is targetted for use on systems ranging from 16 to 2048 ranks. The suite introduces the test data set ltest and the train data set ltrain. These are smaller running data sets for making sure things are working. The suite also introduces a new ref data set called lref. This larger data set shows scaling improvement for runs ranging from 64 ranks to 2048 ranks. It has not been studied for larger than 2048 rank counts.

Benchmark Changes

The following benchmark changes were made in V2.0:

New Benchmarks

The following benchmarks were added in V2.0:

Running Benchmarks

  1. Runspec: The target large is available for the running of the large suite from the tool runspec.

  2. Data Sets: There are now multiple data sets for each data set class of test, train and ref. The medium data sets are mtest, mtrain and mref. The new large data sets are ltest, ltrain and lref. For reportable runs, it will automatically select mref or lref as the data set depending upon if you select medium or large as the target benchmark suite.


  1. New Metrics: The addition of the new large suite has added new metrics SPECmpiL_base2007 and SPECmpiL_peak2007. Runs made for large will have the large metric names listed in the reports.

  2. Report Names: Report names have the form


    for example, MPIM2007.003.mref.ps, MPIM2007.003.mref.txt, MPIM2007.003.mref.pdf for the medium suite and MPIL2007.009.lref.ps, MPIL2007.009.lref.txt, MPIL2007.009.lref.pdf for the large suite.

V1.1 Errata

Testing on Windows systems is still minimal. Things are expected to work, but no test systems have been available.

Documentation Updates

Documentation has been added for the new features mentioned in this document. Most of the changes are linked from the descriptions above.

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