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Hewlett-Packard Company
AlphaServer GS1280 Model M16
SPECompMpeak2001 = 6824     
SPECompMbase2001 = 6027     
SPEC license # HPG2116 Tested by: Hewlett-Packard Company Test site: Hewlett-Packard Company Test date: Dec-2002 Hardware Avail: Jan-2003 Software Avail: Jan-2003
Benchmark Reference
Graph Scale
310.wupwise_m 6000 1191     5036      711    8435      310.wupwise_m base result bar (5036)
310.wupwise_m peak result bar (8435)
312.swim_m 6000 279    21529       279    21521       312.swim_m base result bar (21529)
312.swim_m peak result bar (21521)
314.mgrid_m 7300 912    8000      895    8156      314.mgrid_m base result bar (8000)
314.mgrid_m peak result bar (8156)
316.applu_m 4000 394    10158       378    10591       316.applu_m base result bar (10158)
316.applu_m peak result bar (10591)
318.galgel_m 5100 593    8597      606    8411      318.galgel_m base result bar (8597)
318.galgel_m peak result bar (8411)
320.equake_m 2600 585    4448      580    4485      320.equake_m base result bar (4448)
320.equake_m peak result bar (4485)
324.apsi_m 3400 519    6549      521    6529      324.apsi_m base result bar (6549)
324.apsi_m peak result bar (6529)
326.gafort_m 8700 1826     4765      1700     5118      326.gafort_m base result bar (4765)
326.gafort_m peak result bar (5118)
328.fma3d_m 4600 990    4649      942    4884      328.fma3d_m base result bar (4649)
328.fma3d_m peak result bar (4884)
330.art_m 6400 2401     2665      1215     5266      330.art_m base result bar (2665)
330.art_m peak result bar (5266)
332.ammp_m 7000 2394     2924      2380     2942      332.ammp_m base result bar (2924)
332.ammp_m peak result bar (2942)
SPECompMbase2001 6027       
  SPECompMpeak2001 6824       

Hardware Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company
Model Name: AlphaServer GS1280 Model M16
CPU: Alpha 21364
CPU MHz: 1150
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 16
CPU(s) orderable: 2 to 16 by 2
Primary Cache: 64KB(I)+64KB(D) on chip
Secondary Cache: 1.75MB on chip per CPU
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 64GB
Disk Subsystem: 36GB 10k rpm ufs
Other Hardware: None
OpenMP Threads: 4
Parallel: OpenMP
Operating System: Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev 2650) + IPK
Compiler: Compaq Fortran X5.5-2602-48C8L
Compaq C V6.5-011-48C5K
BETA DCPI - 3.9.6 (20020307 1815)
SPIKE V5.2 (503DTK) GEM 48C5S LIBMLD 2.4 DATE APR 9 2002
File System: ufs
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information

 cc -arch ev7 -fast -omp -O4
 f90 -arch ev7 -fast -omp -O5
 All use  -arch ev7 -omp ONESTEP
   Individual benchmark tuning:
    310.wupwise_m: f90 -call_shared -inline all -unroll 12 -align commons +PFB
    312.swim_m: f90 -arch ev7 -fast -omp -O5
    314.mgrid_m: f90 -O5 -transform_loops -tune ev7 -unroll 8 +PFB
    316.applu_m: f90 -fast -O5 -unroll 14 +PFB
    318.galgel_m: f90 -fast -O5 -unroll 5 -extend_source +PFB
    320.equake_m: cc -fast  -call_shared -O4 -ldensemalloc -assume restricted_pointers -inline speed -unroll 13 +PFB
    324.apsi_m: f90 -O5 -transform_loops -unroll 8 +PFB
    326.gafort_m: f90 -fast -O5 -arch ev67 -tune ev67 
    328.fma3d: f90 -O4 -transform_loops 
    330.art_m: cc -assume whole_program -ldensemalloc -call_shared -assume restricted_pointers -fast -O4 -unroll 16 -inline none +PFB
    332.ammp_m: cc  -O4 -ifo -assume nomath_errno -assume trusted_short_alignment -fp_reorder -readonly_strings -ldensemalloc -assume restricted_pointers -unroll 9
   318.galgel_m:  -exend_source used in base and peak.
  Peak Source:
    Available as SPEC OMPM source:ompm2001-srcl32bit-20020831.tar.gz
  For 310.wupwise_m, 312.swim_m, 314.mgrid_m, 316.applu_m, 320.equake_m
  324.apsi-m, 326.gafort_m, and 328.fma3d_m
   Available as SPEC OMPM source: ompm2001-isoc-20020619.tar.gz
  For 330.art_m
  User Environment:
    MP_STACK_SIZE = 10000000
    4 CPU processor set used (man processor_sets)
    Restricts memory accessible to 16 GB
    Cpus 0,1,2,3 used.
  System tunables:
    4Mb pages used - vm_bigpg_enabled set in sysconfigtab
Description of +PFB: Prefetches are improved by the post-link-time optimizer 
 Spike, using feedback from a training run.  These
 commands are used (in phase "fdo_post_makeN"):
      rm -rf db
      mkdir db 
      dcpid -no_palcode ./db
 A training run is carried out (in phase "fdo_runN"), and 
 then these commands (in phase "fdo_postN"):
      dcpi2bb -make-bbdb -pm all -counts -conf_low -db ./db ${baseexe}
      spike ${baseexe} -feedback ${baseexe}  -o newexe
      rm ${baseexe}
      mv newexe ${baseexe}
 Information on UNIX V5.1 Patches can be found at
  Information on DCPI and SPIKE can be found at

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