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Advanced Micro Devices
Tyan Thunder n4250QE (S4985E) (Opteron(TM) 2350)
SPECompMpeak2001 = NA      
SPECompMbase2001 = NA      
SPEC license # HPG0017 Tested by: Advanced Micro Devices Test site: Austin TX Test date: Aug-2007 Hardware Avail: Sep-2007 Software Avail: Jul-2007
SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance
with the SPEC OMP2001 run and reporting rules. Specifically,
the submitter reported that the result would not meet the SPEC
HPG requirements for continued availability.
Benchmark Reference
Graph Scale
310.wupwise_m 6000 NA     NA       NA     NA        
312.swim_m 6000 NA     NA       NA     NA        
314.mgrid_m 7300 NA     NA       NA     NA        
316.applu_m 4000 NA     NA       NA     NA        
318.galgel_m 5100 NA     NA       NA     NA        
320.equake_m 2600 NA     NA       NA     NA        
324.apsi_m 3400 NA     NA       NA     NA        
326.gafort_m 8700 NA     NA       NA     NA        
328.fma3d_m 4600 NA     NA       NA     NA        
330.art_m 6400 NA     NA       NA     NA        
332.ammp_m 7000 NA     NA       NA     NA       
SPECompMbase2001 NA        
  SPECompMpeak2001 NA        

Hardware Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices
Model Name: Tyan Thunder n4250QE (S4985E) (Opteron(TM) 2350)
CPU: Opteron(TM) 2350
CPU MHz: 2000
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 8 cores, 2 chips, 4 cores/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1, 2 chips
Primary Cache: 64KBI + 64KBD on chip per core
Secondary Cache: 512KB (I+D) on chip per core
L3 Cache: 2MB (I+D) on chip per chip
Other Cache: None
Memory: 8x1GB, PC2-5300 CL5
Disk Subsystem: 160GB 7200 rpm SATA
Other Hardware: None
OpenMP Threads: 8
Parallel: OpenMP
Operating System: SLES10 SP1 64bit
Compiler: QLogic PathScale Compiler Suite ver. 3.0
File System: Linux/Ext3
System State: Multi-User
Notes / Tuning Information
 Extra art Base Flags
   330.art_m (extra): -DINTS_PER_CACHELINE=16 -DDBLS_PER_CACHELINE=8

 Base tuning:
   C       : pathcc  -gnu3 -mp -Ofast -mcpu=opteron -mcmodel=medium
   Fortran : pathf90 -mp -Ofast -mcpu=opteron -OPT:early_mp=on -mcmodel=medium

 Peak tuning:
    310.wupwise_m: -mp -Ofast -msse3 -LNO:prefetch_ahead=5:prefetch=3 
                   ompl.32 src.alt used
    312.swim_m: -mp -O3 -OPT:Ofast -m3dnow -mcmodel=medium -LNO:simd=0
                ompl.32 src.alt used
    314.mgrid_m: basepeak=yes
                 ompl src.alt used
    316.applu_m: basepeak=yes
                 ompl src.alt used
    318.galgel_m: basepeak=yes
    320.equake_m: -gnu3 -Ofast -mp -OPT:alias=disjoint
                  ompl.32 src.alt used
    324.apsi_m: -mp -O3 -OPT:Ofast -TENV:x=4 -LNO:fusion=2:prefetch=0
                ompl src.alt used
    326.gafort_m: basepeak=yes
    328.fma3d_m: basepeak=yes
    330.art_m: basepeak=yes
    332.ammp_m: -gnu3 -mp -Ofast -mcpu=opteron -mcmodel=medium
                submit= PSC_OMP_GUIDED_CHUNK_MAX=700 $command
 Portablility flags:
  318.galgel_m    : -fixedform -col80
 Base and Peak User Environment (bash):
   export OMP_NUM_THREADS=8
   export PSC_OMP_THREAD_SPIN=1000000000
   ulimit -s unlimited
 Default BIOS settings used, with DRAM bank interleave set to auto
 Qlogic Pathscale 3.0 compiler flags are described in AMD-20070828-psc30_flags.txt

Submitted_by: "Waldecker, Brian" 
Submitted: Wed Sep 12 11:27:37 2007
Submission: omp2001-20070820-00260.sub

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