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IBM HS22 Blade servers (Intel Xeon X5570, 2.93 GHz)
SPECompMpeak2001 = 44792      
SPECompMbase2001 = 43657      
SPEC license # HPG3440A Tested by: Indiana University Test site: -- Test date: Apr-2009 Hardware Avail: Apr-2009 Software Avail: Jan-2009
Benchmark Reference
Graph Scale
310.wupwise_m 6000 84.3  71175       83.1  72213       310.wupwise_m base result bar (71175)
310.wupwise_m peak result bar (72213)
312.swim_m 6000 160    37393       161    37347       312.swim_m base result bar (37393)
312.swim_m peak result bar (37347)
314.mgrid_m 7300 210    34777       208    35081       314.mgrid_m base result bar (34777)
314.mgrid_m peak result bar (35081)
316.applu_m 4000 126    31718       127    31416       316.applu_m base result bar (31718)
316.applu_m peak result bar (31416)
318.galgel_m 5100 117    43597       116    43825       318.galgel_m base result bar (43597)
318.galgel_m peak result bar (43825)
320.equake_m 2600 54.4  47832       50.1  51888       320.equake_m base result bar (47832)
320.equake_m peak result bar (51888)
324.apsi_m 3400 86.1  39508       85.9  39601       324.apsi_m base result bar (39508)
324.apsi_m peak result bar (39601)
326.gafort_m 8700 164    53144       169    51553       326.gafort_m base result bar (53144)
326.gafort_m peak result bar (51553)
328.fma3d_m 4600 150    30680       141    32707       328.fma3d_m base result bar (30680)
328.fma3d_m peak result bar (32707)
330.art_m 6400 64.7  98915       59.9  106797        330.art_m base result bar (98915)
330.art_m peak result bar (106797)
332.ammp_m 7000 249    28149       232    30210       332.ammp_m base result bar (28149)
332.ammp_m peak result bar (30210)
SPECompMbase2001 43657        
  SPECompMpeak2001 44792        

Hardware Vendor: IBM
Model Name: IBM HS22 Blade servers (Intel Xeon X5570, 2.93 GHz)
CPU: Intel Xeon X5570
CPU MHz: 2934
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 8 cores, 2 chips, 4 cores/chip (HT on)
CPU(s) orderable: 1-2 chips
Primary Cache: 32 KB I + 32 KB D on chip per core
Secondary Cache: 256 KB I+D on chip per core
L3 Cache: 8 MB I+D on chip per chip
Other Cache: None
Memory: 24 GB (6*4GB DDR3-1333 RDIMMs)
Disk Subsystem: Shared Memory filesystem 12 GB, tmpfs
Other Hardware: None
OpenMP Threads: 16
Parallel: OpenMP
Operating System: RHEL5.3 (x86_64) 2.6.18-128.1.6.el5
Kernel 2.6.18-128.1.6.el5
Compiler: Intel C/C++ Compiler 11.0.074
Intel Fortran Compiler 11.0.074
File System: tmpfs
System State: Multi-user, run level 3
Notes / Tuning Information
    ulimit -s unlimited
     Removes limits on the maximum size of the automatically-
     extended stack region of the current process and each
     process it creates.
 Compiler flags for base level optimization
     COPTIMIZE : -O3 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -unroll-loops0 -openmp
     FOPTIMIZE : -O3 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -unroll-loops0 -openmp
     F77OPTIMIZE : -O3 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -unroll-loops0 -openmp
      controls the binding of OpenMP threads to the physical processing units
      used to fine tune the load balancing of parallel loops that are 
      statically scheduled under OpenMP with no chunk size specification
      Sets the time, in milliseconds, that a thread should wait, 
      after completing the execution of a parallel region, before sleeping.
      Selects the OpenMP run-time library
      Sets the number of bytes to allocate for each parallel thread to use as 
      to use as its provate stack
      Enables (TRUE) or  disables  (FALSE)  nested  parallelism.
      Enables (true) or disables (false) the dynamic adjustment of the number of threads. 
      Sets  the maximum number of threads to use for OpenMP* parallel
      regions if no other value is specified in the  program  itself.
 Hyperthreading and turbo mode enabled.
 318.galgel_m portability flags:
     FFLAGS=-fixed -extend-source 132
 Flags for peak level optimization
 310.wupwise_m peak flags:
     fdo_pre0       = rm -rf ./*.dyn
     PASS1_FFLAGS   = -prof-gen
     PASS2_FFLAGS   = -prof-use
     PASS1_LDFLAGS  = -prof-gen
     PASS2_LDFLAGS  = -prof-use
 312.swim_m peak flags:
     fdo_pre0       = rm -rf ./*.dyn
     PASS1_FFLAGS   = -prof-gen
     PASS2_FFLAGS   = -prof-use
     PASS1_LDFLAGS  = -prof-gen
     PASS2_LDFLAGS  = -prof-use
 316.applu_m peak flags:
     COPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
     FOPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
     F77OPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
 318.galgel_m peak flags:
 320.equake_m peak flags:
 324.apsi_m peak flags:
     COPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
     FOPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
     F77OPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
 328.fma3d_m peak flags:
     fdo_pre0       = rm -rf ./*.dyn
     PASS1_FFLAGS   = -prof-gen
     PASS2_FFLAGS   = -prof-use
     PASS1_LDFLAGS  = -prof-gen
     PASS2_LDFLAGS  = -prof-use
 330.art_mpeak flags:
     COPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
     FOPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
     F77OPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -ipo -no-prec-div -openmp
 332.ammp_m peak flags:
     COPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -openmp
     FOPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -openmp
     F77OPTIMIZE = -O2 -xhost -openmp
 For a description of the flags used, please see
 Indiana-ic11.0-intel64-linux-flags-file-20090428.html in the flags directory

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