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Hewlett-Packard Company
HP Integrity Superdome 32-way (1500 MHz Itanium 2)
SPECompLpeak2001 = 178617       
SPECompLbase2001 = 171159       
SPEC license # HPG2116 Tested by: Hewlett-Packard Company Test site: Richardson, Texas Test date: Sep-2003 Hardware Avail: Oct-2003 Software Avail: Oct-2003
Benchmark Reference
Graph Scale
311.wupwise_l 9200 712    206619        701    210117        311.wupwise_l base result bar (206619)
311.wupwise_l peak result bar (210117)
313.swim_l 12500 912    219254        912    219254        313.swim_l base result bar (219254)
313.swim_l peak result bar (219254)
315.mgrid_l 13500 1270     170039        1270     170039        315.mgrid_l base result bar (170039)
315.mgrid_l peak result bar (170039)
317.applu_l 13500 847    254944        789    273645        317.applu_l base result bar (254944)
317.applu_l peak result bar (273645)
321.equake_l 13000 3443     60411       3443     60411       321.equake_l base result bar (60411)
321.equake_l peak result bar (60411)
325.apsi_l 10500 1022     164316        765    219601        325.apsi_l base result bar (164316)
325.apsi_l peak result bar (219601)
327.gafort_l 11000 1112     158281        1112     158281        327.gafort_l base result bar (158281)
327.gafort_l peak result bar (158281)
329.fma3d_l 23500 2248     167232        2248     167232        329.fma3d_l base result bar (167232)
329.fma3d_l peak result bar (167232)
331.art_l 25000 1637     244305        1627     245838        331.art_l base result bar (244305)
331.art_l peak result bar (245838)
SPECompLbase2001 171159         
  SPECompLpeak2001 178617         

Hardware Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company
Model Name: HP Integrity Superdome 32-way (1500 MHz Itanium 2)
CPU: Intel Itanium 2
CPU MHz: 1500
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 32
CPU(s) orderable: 6 to 32 by 2
Primary Cache: L1 Inst/Data: 16 KB, associativity = 4
Secondary Cache: L2 Unified: 256 KB, associativity = 8
L3 Cache: L3 Unified: 6144 KB, associativity = 24
Other Cache: None
Memory: 128GB (256 * 512MB DIMMs)
Disk Subsystem: root disk 1x36 SCSI
9x36GB Fibrechannel (striped)
Other Hardware: --
OpenMP Threads: 32
Parallel: OpenMP
Operating System: HPUX11i-TCOE B.11.23
Compiler: HP C/ANSI C Compiler B.11.23
HP aC++ Compiler B.11.23
HP Fortran 90 Compiler B.11.23
HP LIBF90 PHSS_29620
HP F90 Compiler PHSS_29663
HP aC++ Compiler PHSS_29655
HP C Compiler PHSS_29656
u2comp/be/plugin library PHSS_29657
File System: vxfs
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information
  User environment:
     F90  +Ofaster +DSitanium2 +Oopenmp   
          +Oinfo +DD64 -minshared  
     cc   +Ofaster +Oopenmp +DD64 +Oinfo +DSitanium2
          -minshared -AOe +Ofltacc=default
    submit = chatr -s +id disable +pd 64k +pi 64k $commandexe;  \
         _M_ARENA_OPTS=64:32 _M_SBA_OPTS=16348:150:256 \
            mpsched -T FILL $command 
    311.wupwise_l:  +Ofaster +O3 +DSitanium2 +Oopenmp 
      +Oinfo +DD64 -minshared +cat -Wl,+pd64k -Wl,+pi64k
      ONESTEP = true

    313.swim_l:  basepeak=true
    315.mgrid_l:  basepeak=true
    317.applu_l:  +Ofaster +DSitanium  +Oopenmp +Oinfo 
      +DD64 -minshared 
      submit =   chatr -s +id disable  +pd 256k +pi 256k $commandexe;
          _M_ARENA_OPTS=64:32 mpsched -T FILL $command
    321.equake_l:  basepeak=true
    325.apsi_l: +Ofaster +DSitanium2 +Oopenmp +Oinfo +DD64 -minshared
        submit = chatr -s +id disable  +pd 256k +pi 256k $commandexe; 
        _M_ARENA_OPTS=64:32 mpsched -T FILL $command

    327.gafort_l: basepeak=true
    329.fma3d_l: basepeak=true
    331.art_l:  +Ofaster +Oopenmp +DD64 +Oinfo +DSitanium2
         -minshared -AOe +Ofltacc=default
      submit = chatr -s +id disable  +pd 256k +pi 256k  $commandexe; 
         _M_ARENA_OPTS=64:32  _M_SBA_OPTS=16348:150:256 
         mpsched -T FILL $command

 Alternate Sources:  
   ifdef version of art 
   from SPEC Web site  ompl2001-fabs-20030401.tar.gz
     used for Base and Peak 331.art_l
  Kernel Paramters (/stand/system):
     maxdsiz         0xc0000000
     maxdsiz_64bit   0x3ffbfffffff
     maxssiz         0x17f00000
     maxssiz_64bit   0x40000000
     maxtsiz         0x40000000
     maxtsiz_64bit   0x40000000
     vps_pagesize    4096
     vps_ceiling     16384
     dbc_min_pct     20
     dbc_max_pct     20
     swapmem_on      0

  System was configured with 1/2 of memory interleaved and
    1/2 of memory local to each cell

  System configured as a single partition with 8 cells and 
    4 processors per cell

  Threads were assigned to cpus using the FILL strategy
    from the HP-UX mpsched utility

  Memory tuning is documented in man page malloc(3C)
      64 malloc arenas, 32 4k pages expansion
      16384 maxfast size, 150 small blocks, 256 grain size

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