Oracle Solaris SPEC CPU Flags


Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4

  • "cc": Oracle Solaris Studio C
  • "CC": Oracle Solaris Studio C++
  • "f90, f95": Oracle Solaris Studio Fortran
Operating systems: Solaris 10 and 11

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Shell, Environment, and Other Software Settings

If set to "Y", additional memory allocation buckets will be created, so that threads will not need to share buckets unless more than 2*NCPUS threads are created. This variable is used by mtmalloc.

Sets the number of threads to use in OpenMP parallel regions.

Sets the thread affinity policy to be used, false allows threads to move among other behavior, true directs threads to stay where they are placed.

Binds threads in an OpenMP program to the virtual processors.

If true, allows for the dynamic adjustment of the number of threads for parallel regions. False disables dynamic adjustment.

Sets the wait policy, active means threads consume processor cycles while waiting, passive means consume minimal processor cycles while waiting.

Binds threads in an OpenMP program to the virtual processors enumerated in the assignment. Can also be set to TRUE, which casues threads to be bound in a round-robin fashion.

Specifies whether idle threads should SLEEP or SPIN.

Set the size of the stack (temporary storage area) for each slave thread of a multithreaded program.

ulimit -s <n>
Sets the stack size to n kbytes, or "unlimited" to allow the stack size to grow without limit.
Note that the "heap" and the "stack" share space; if your application allocates large amounts of memory on the heap, then you may find that the stack limit should not be set to "unlimited". A commonly used setting for SPEC CPU2006 purposes is a stack size of 128MB (131072K).