SPEC OMP2012 Platform Description

Shell, Environment, and Other Software Settings

numactl [ --preferred node ] [ --membind nodes ]

Control NUMA policy for processes or shared memory.

--membind=nodes, -m nodes

Only allocate memory from nodes. Allocation will fail when there is not enough memory available on these nodes. Nodes may be specified as noted above

--preferred=node, -p node

Preferably allocate memory on node, but if memory cannot be allocated then fall back to other nodes. This option takes only a single node number. Relative notation may be used.

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

Simultaneous Multithreading
On 2nd generation Intel Xeon Phi processor and co-processors, Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) permits 4 independent threads of execution on each core.
Cluster Mode:
This bios switch allows 5 options "All2All", "SNC-2", "SNC-4", "Hemisphere" and "Quadrant". Quadrant mode divide the chip into 4 virtual Quadrants. Quadrant mode can shorten the route length to memory, and that enable us to enlarge the bandwidth of memory.
Memory Mode:
This BIOS switch allows 3 options "Cache", "Flat", and "Hybrid". Flat mode: the 16GB high bandwidth on-chip MCDRAM shares a single contiguous address space as the DRAM and is partitioned onto the second NUMA node. Cache mode: the MCDRAMs is used as the cache of DDR memory. Hybrid mode: a portion of the MCDRAM is used in flat mode, the rest is used as cache.
Turbo Mode:
Enabling this switch allows the processor to provide more computing performance at short notice by increasing the frequency above nominal frequency.