SPEC Flag Description for the Cray C/C++/Fortran Compiler


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Portability Flags

Compiler Flags

Shell, Environment, and Other Software Settings

Cray-specific, nonstandard variable used to change the size of the thread stack from the default size of 16 MB to the specified size. The number in unit of Byte.
For loops running with OpenMP schedule "static", this results in (#iterations/#threads) iterations--rounded to the next lower integer--being allocated to most threads, with at most one additional iteration being allocated to some threads. Although the largest number of iterations assigned to any thread remains the same, this results in a more even sharing of iterations between threads, which may sometimes lead to a performance improvement relative to the default static thread distribution.
OMP_DYNAMIC=[ 1 | 0 ] Enables (1) or disables (0) the dynamic adjustment of the number of threads.
Enables (TRUE) or disables (FALSE) nested parallelism.
Selects the OpenMP run-time library.
Set stack size to unlimited
The command "ulimit -s unlimited" is used to set the stack size limit to unlimited.