SPEC OMP2012 Flag Description for Intel Composer XE 2013 for 64 Bit Linux


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Optimization Flags

Portability Flags

Compiler Flags

Shell, Environment, and Other Software Settings

The value for the environment variable KMP_AFFINITY affects how the threads are distributed across processors.
Specifying granularity=fine binds threads to individual thread contexts, i.e. avoids migration of OpenMP threads between multiple thread contextss on one core.
Specifying compact binds the OpenMP thread n+1 on a free thread context as close as possible to the thread context where the OpenMP thread n was bound.
OMP_DYNAMIC=[ 1 | 0 ] Enables (1) or disables (0) the dynamic adjustment of the number of threads.
OMP_NESTED=[ 1 | 0 ] Enables (1) or disables (0) nested parallelism.
The OMP_STACKSIZE environment variable indicates the stack size of threads created by the OpenMP run time.