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Compaq Computer Corporation
AlphaServer ES40 Model 6/833
SPECint_rate2000 = NC
SPECint_rate_base2000 = NC
SPEC license # 2 Tested by: Compaq NH Test date: Jun-2000 Hardware Avail: Oct-2000 Software Avail: Jun-2000
SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance with the SPEC
CPU2000 run and reporting rules. Specifically, the result did not meet
the 3 month availability requirement in the SPEC CPU2000 run rules due
to a change in availability of the system.
Graph Scale Benchmark Base
Copies Runtime Ratio
  164.gzip 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  175.vpr 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  176.gcc 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  181.mcf 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  186.crafty 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  197.parser 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  252.eon 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  253.perlbmk 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  254.gap 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  255.vortex 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  256.bzip2 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  300.twolf 1 NCNC 1 NCNC
  SPECint_rate_base2000 NC  
  SPECint_rate2000 NC

Hardware Vendor: Compaq Computer Corporation
Model Name: AlphaServer ES40 Model 6/833
CPU: Alpha 21264A
CPU MHz: 833
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1 to 4
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 64KB(I)+64KB(D) on chip
Secondary Cache: 8MB off chip
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 8GB
Disk Subsystem: 1x DS-RZ1DA-VW 9GB
Other Hardware: Ethernet
Operating System: Tru64 UNIX V4.0G
Compiler: Compaq C X6.2-259-449AT
DIGITAL C++ V6.1-029-408B6
File System: AdvFS
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information
 Baseline C  : cc  -arch ev6 -fast GEMFB ONESTEP 
          C++: cxx -arch ev6 -O2 ONESTEP 

 GEMFB: fdo_pre0     = mkdir /tmp/pb; rm -f /tmp/pb/${baseexe}*
        PASS1_CFLAGS = -prof_gen_noopt    -prof_dir /tmp/pb
        PASS2_CFLAGS = -prof_use_feedback -prof_dir /tmp/pb
        (base uses directory /tmp/pb; peak uses /tmp/pp)
 Peak: cc [except eon: cxx] -v -arch ev6 ONESTEP plus:
      164.gzip: -g3 -fast -O4 +GEMFB 
       175.vpr: -g3 -fast -O4 +GEMFB 
       176.gcc: -g3 -fast -O4 -xtaso_short +GEMFB 
       181.mcf: -g3 -fast -xtaso_short +GEMFB 
    186.crafty: -g3 -fast -O4 -inline speed
    197.parser: -g3 -fast -O4 -xtaso_short +GEMFB
       252.eon: -O2 
   253.perlbmk: -g3 -fast +GEMFB
       254.gap: -g3 -fast -O4 +GEMFB
    255.vortex: -g3 -fast +GEMFB
     256.bzip2: -g3 -fast -O4 +GEMFB
     300.twolf: -g3 -fast -O4 +GEMFB
 Portability: gcc: -Dalloca=__builtin_alloca; crafty: -DALPHA
 perlbmk: -DSPEC_CPU2000_DUNIX; vortex: -DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64

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