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Fujitsu Limited
SPECint_rate2000 = 39.8  
SPECint_rate_base2000 = 34.5  
SPEC license # 19 Tested by: Fujitsu Limited Test date: Dec-2003 Hardware Avail: Feb-2004 Software Avail: Dec-2003
Graph Scale Benchmark Base
Copies Runtime Ratio
164.gzip base result bar (28.8)
164.gzip peak result bar (32.1)
164.gzip 4 225    28.8   4 203    32.1  
175.vpr base result bar (29.6)
175.vpr peak result bar (33.1)
175.vpr 4 219    29.6   4 197    33.1  
176.gcc base result bar (36.6)
176.gcc peak result bar (40.8)
176.gcc 4 139    36.6   4 125    40.8  
181.mcf base result bar (25.2)
181.mcf peak result bar (34.7)
181.mcf 4 331    25.2   4 240    34.7  
186.crafty base result bar (38.8)
186.crafty peak result bar (39.9)
186.crafty 4 119    38.8   4 116    39.9  
197.parser base result bar (30.4)
197.parser peak result bar (33.3)
197.parser 4 274    30.4   4 251    33.3  
252.eon base result bar (26.3)
252.eon peak result bar (41.5)
252.eon 4 230    26.3   4 145    41.5  
253.perlbmk base result bar (39.7)
253.perlbmk peak result bar (40.0)
253.perlbmk 4 210    39.7   4 209    40.0  
254.gap base result bar (31.2)
254.gap peak result bar (34.0)
254.gap 4 164    31.2   4 150    34.0  
255.vortex base result bar (60.2)
255.vortex peak result bar (77.7)
255.vortex 4 146    60.2   4 113    77.7  
256.bzip2 base result bar (34.7)
256.bzip2 peak result bar (36.5)
256.bzip2 4 201    34.7   4 191    36.5  
300.twolf base result bar (45.0)
300.twolf peak result bar (50.1)
300.twolf 4 309    45.0   4 278    50.1  
  SPECint_rate_base2000 34.5    
  SPECint_rate2000 39.8  

Hardware Vendor: Fujitsu Limited
Model Name: PRIMEPOWER450 (1320MHz)
CPU MHz: 1320
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 4 cores, 4 chips, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1 to 4 (increments of 1)
Parallel: None
Primary Cache: 128KBI + 128KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 2MB(I+D) on chip
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 8192MB (512MB x 16)
Disk Subsystem: 1 x 36.4GB SCSI (10000rpm)
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Solaris 8 2/02 with current patches (see notes)
Compiler: Fujitsu Parallelnavi 2.3
Sun ONE Studio 8
Sun Performance Library 8
File System: ufs
System State: multi user
Notes / Tuning Information

 FDO: (for Parallelnavi 2.3)
	fdo_pre0=rm -rf `pwd`/*.f.d
 FDO: (for Sun ONE Studio 8)
	fdo_pre0=rm -rf ./feedback.profile ./SunWS_cache

 Integer base flags:
 (using C compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8)
	-fast -xtarget=ultra3cu -xipo=2 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 (using C++ compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8)
	-fast -xchip=ultra3cu -xarch=v8plusb -xipo=2 ONESTEP=yes

 Integer peak flags:
 (using C compiler of Parallelnavi 2.3)
 300.twolf:    -Kfast_GP2=3 -O5 -KGREG,largepage,memalias,cfunc, 
               use_rodata,xi=20 ONESTEP=yes FDO 
 (using C compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8)
 164.gzip:     -xO5 -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xalias_level=std -xipo=2 -xprefetch -W2,-whole,-Ainline
               -Wc,-Qiselect-funcalign=64 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 175.vpr:      -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xarch=v8plus -xchip=ultra -xalias_level=std -xdepend -xipo=2
               -xprefetch=latx:1.6 -xsfpconst -W2,-whole -Wc,-Qeps:do_spec_load=1
               -Qiselect-funcalign=64 -lprism32 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 176.gcc:      -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xipo=2 -xprefetch=latx:1.6 -W2,-whole
               -ll2amm ONESTEP=yes FDO
 181.mcf:      -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xchip=ultra2 -xdepend -xipo=2 -W2,-Apf:llist=3:noinnerllist
               -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1,-Qms_pipe-pref -lprism32 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 186.crafty:   -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xarch=v8plusa -xalias_level=strong -xipo=2
               -xprefetch=latx:0.8 -W2,-Ashort_ldst -Wc,-Qiselect-funcalign=64
               ONESTEP=yes FDO
 197.parser:   -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xalias_level=strong -xdepend -xipo=2 -xprefetch=latx:0.8
               -xregs=syst -Wc,-Qgsched-T6,-Qgsched-trace_late=1,
               -lprism32 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 253.perlbmk:  -dn -xO5 -xarch=v8plus -xchip=ultra3 -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xipo=2 -Wc,-Qiselect-funcalign=64
               ONESTEP=yes FDO
 254.gap:      -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xalias_level=strong -xipo=2 -xprefetch_level=3 -xprefetch=latx:2.0
               -xvector -W2,-Abcopy,-whole -Wc,-Qgsched-T4,-Qgsched-trace_late=1,
               -Qiselect-funcalign=64 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 255.vortex:   -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xchip=ultra -xdepend -xipo=2 -xrestrict -xprefetch=latx:1.6
               -W2,-Ms15,-Mt300,-Mr6000,-reroll=1 -Wc,-Qdepgraph-early_cross_call=1
               -Wc,-Qpeep-Sh0 -ll2amm -lprism32 ONESTEP=yes FDO
 256.bzip2:    -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -xipo -xalias_level=strong -xdepend -xregs=syst -xrestrict
               -xprefetch=latx:0.8 -W2,-Abopt -Wc,-Qiselect-funcalign=64
               -Wc,-Qeps:enabled ONESTEP=yes FDO
 (using C++ compiler of Sun ONE Studio 8)
 252.eon:      -fast -xarch=v8plusb -xchip=ultra3cu -xcache=128/64/2:2048/64/4
               -noex -xalias_level=compatible -xipo=2
               -xprefetch=latx:0.8 -xregs=syst -xunroll=3
               -Qoption cg -Qeps:enabled=1,-Qeps:ws=32,-Qgsched-T4,
               -Qoption iropt -Mt2000 -lmopt ONESTEP=yes FDO

 176.gcc:      -Dalloca=__builtin_alloca -DHOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN
 186.crafty:   -DSUN
 252.eon:      -library=iostream
 253.perlbmk:  -DSPEC_CPU2000_SOLARIS

 System Tunables:
 (for /etc/system)
       set consistent_coloring=1
       set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=2147483648, set shmsys:shmmni=256,
       set shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=400, set shmsys:shmmin=1
       set tune_t_fsflushr = 86400
       set autoup = 86400
 (for /etc/opt/FJSVpnrm/lpg.conf)
       TSS=1024M, SHMSEGSIZE=256M     
 Shell Environments:
       Stack size set to unlimited via "ulimit -s unlimited"
 Sun ONE Studio 8, posted at URL http://wwws.sun.com/software/sundev/suncc/
 was used for this submission.
 All patches for Solaris 8 posted at
 as of date 2003/12/17 were applied: 108434-13, 108435-13, 111697-04, 111721-04.
 Processes were bound to CPUs using "submit=pbind"

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