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Sun Microsystems
Sun Ultra 45
SPECint2000 = 872    
SPECint_base2000 = 779    
SPEC license # 6 Tested by: Sun Microsystems Test date: Feb-2006 Hardware Avail: Jan-2006 Software Avail: Jan-2006
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
164.gzip 1400 188    744     169    829     164.gzip base result bar (744)
164.gzip peak result bar (829)
175.vpr 1400 216    650     213    658     175.vpr base result bar (650)
175.vpr peak result bar (658)
176.gcc 1100 146    756     113    973     176.gcc base result bar (756)
176.gcc peak result bar (973)
181.mcf 1800 408    441     294    613     181.mcf base result bar (441)
181.mcf peak result bar (613)
186.crafty 1000 101    992     89.6  1116      186.crafty base result bar (992)
186.crafty peak result bar (1116)
197.parser 1800 273    660     240    750     197.parser base result bar (660)
197.parser peak result bar (750)
252.eon 1300 122    1065      115    1134      252.eon base result bar (1065)
252.eon peak result bar (1134)
253.perlbmk 1800 206    874     191    942     253.perlbmk base result bar (874)
253.perlbmk peak result bar (942)
254.gap 1100 168    656     151    731     254.gap base result bar (656)
254.gap peak result bar (731)
255.vortex 1900 133    1434      130    1467      255.vortex base result bar (1434)
255.vortex peak result bar (1467)
256.bzip2 1500 222    677     219    686     256.bzip2 base result bar (677)
256.bzip2 peak result bar (686)
300.twolf 3000 373    805     334    899     300.twolf base result bar (805)
300.twolf peak result bar (899)
SPECint_base2000 779      
  SPECint2000 872      

Hardware Vendor: Sun Microsystems
Model Name: Sun Ultra 45
CPU MHz: 1600
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1,2 (order by # of chips)
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 32KBI+64KBD per chip (on chip)
Secondary Cache: 1MB(I+D) per chip (on chip)
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 16GB(8x2GB DIMMs)
Disk Subsystem: SATA,250GB,7200 RPM
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Solaris 10 1/06
Compiler: Sun Studio 11
File System: ufs (default ufs logging on with Solaris 10)
System State: Multi-User
Notes / Tuning Information
Compiler invocation:
    C: cc
Integer base flags:
  -fast -xipo=2 with ONESTEP=yes and feedback
Integer peak flags:
  ONESTEP=yes for all benchmarks
  Profile feedback used for those marked with +FDO
  164.gzip:   -x04 -xbuiltin=%all -xtarget=native -xalias_level=std
              -xipo=2 -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1,-Qeps:rp+filtering_margin=30,
              -Qeps:do_spec_load=1 +FDO
  175.vpr:    -fast -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1,-Qeps:do_spec_load=1,
              -Qeps:rp_filtering_margin=30 -xipo=2 -xpagesize_stack=8K
              -lmopt -lm +FDO
  176.gcc:    -fast -xipo=2 -Wc,-Qicache-chbab=1 -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1
              -Qeps:ws=32 -Wc,-Qdepgraph-early_cross_call=1 
              -Wc,-Qms_pipe-pref_prolog -ll2amm +FDO
  181.mcf:    -fast -xipo=2 -xprefetch_level=3 -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1 -W2,-Apf:llist=3:noinnerllist
  186.crafty: -fast -xpagesize=8k -xipo=2 -xalias_level=strong
              -W2,-Ashort_ldst -xinline= -xprefetch -xrestrict
              +FDO (-xlinkopt during pass2)
  197.parser: -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=strong -Wc,Qgsched-T6
              -Wc,-Qipa:valuepredicition -Wc,-Qms_pipe-prefstrong=0,
              -Qlp-pt=weak +FDO
  252.eon:    -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=compatible -Qoption cg
              -Qeps:enabled=1 -xvector -Qoption iropt -Abcopy -xunroll=16 
  253.perlbmk:-fast -xipo -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1,-Qeps:ws=16 -xalias_lvel=std
              -xsafe=mem -Wc,-Qiselect-funcalign=128,-Qicache-chbab=1
              -Wc,-Qiselect-sw_pf_tbl_th=40,-Qeps:do_spec_load=1 +FDO
  254.gap:    -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=strong -xvector -xprefetch_level=3 -W2,-Abcopy +FDO
  255.vortex: -fast -xrestrict -xipo=2 -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1
              -Wc,-Qdepgraph-early_cross_call=1 -Wc,-Qiselect-funcaligh=64
              -Wc,-Qpeep-Sh0 -W2,-crit -xprefetch=latx:1.7 -fsimple=1
              -Wc,-Qiselect-sw_pf_tbl_th=30 -Wc,-Qicache-chbab=1
              -W2,-Ainline:inc=300 -ll2amm +FDO
  256.bzip2:  -fast -xipo=2 -xalias_level=strong -xrestrict
              -Wc,-Qeps:enabled=1,-Qeps:do_spec_load=1 +FDO
  300.twolf:  -fast -xalias_level=strong -xsafe=mem -xipo=2
              -xprefetch=no%auto -Wc,-Qms_pipe_intdivusefp -xinline= +FDO

Feedback is done as follows, unless otherwise noted:
  fdo_pre0:    rm -rf ./feedback.profile ./SunWS_cache
  PASS1:       -xprofile=collect:./feedback
  PASS2:       -xprofile=use:./feedback

  176.gcc:    -Dalloca=__builtin_alloca -DHOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN
  186.crafty: -DSUN

Shell Environments:
  Stack size set to unlimited via "ulimit -s unlimited"

Kernel Parameters (/etc/system):

Only one CPU was present on the system

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