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Sun Microsystems Inc. :Sun Enterprise 3500/4500
SPECsfs97.v3 =8067 Ops/Sec (Overall Response Time = 3.76 msec)


Performance Graph


Server Configuration and Availability
Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
Hardware Available Aug 2000
Software AvailableApr 2000
Date TestedAug 2000
SFS License Number6
Licensee LocationsPalo Alto, CA

CPU, Memory and Power
Model Name Sun Enterprise 3500/4500
Processor 400 MHz UltraSPARC II
# of Processors 4
Primary Cache 16KBI+16KBD on chip
Secondary Cache 8MB(I+D) off chip
Other Cache N/A
Other Hardware N/A
Memory Size 8 GB
NVRAM Size 6144MB (256MB per Sun StorEdge T3 controller)
NVRAM Type Sun StorEdge T3 write cache
NVRAM Descriptionauto-sensing WB/WT depending battery charge

Server Software
OS Name and VersionSolaris8_64bit
Other Software N/A
File System UFS
NFS version 3

Server Tuning
Buffer Cache Size Dynamic
# NFS Processes 256
Fileset Size 78.9 GB

Network Subsystem
Network Type 1000Mbit Sun GigabitEthernet
Network Controller Desc. Sun GigabitEthernet SBus adaptor 2.0
Number Networks 2 (N1,N2)
Number Network Controllers2
Protocol Type UDP

Switch Type 2 Extremenetworks Summit2 switch
Bridge Type N/A
Hub Type N/A
Other Network Hardware N/A

Disk Subsystem and Filesystems
Number Disk Controllers 13
Number of Disks 222
Number of Filesystems 24 (F1-F24)
File System Creation Opsdefault
File System Config default

Disk Controller On-board SCSI-2
# of Controller Type 1
Number of Disks 6
Disk Type 9GB 7200rpm
File Systems on Disks OS, swap
Special Config Notes

Disk Controller FC-AL SBus Adapter (FC100/S)/GBIC
# of Controller Type 12 (i=1,2,..,12)
Number of Disks 9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9/9,9
Disk Type 18GB 10000rpm FC-AL (ST118202FC)
File Systems on Disks F1,F2/F3,F4/../F23,F24
Special Config Notes Filesystem on RAID5 LUNs (see "Other Notes")

Load Generator (LG) Configuration
Number of Load Generators 12
Number of Processes per LG36
Biod Max Read Setting 5
Biod Max Write Setting 5

LG Type LG1
LG Model Ultra1-200
Number and Type Processors1 200MHz UltraSPARC
Memory Size 256MB
Operating System Solaris7
Compiler SC4.2
Compiler Options N/A
Network Type SunSwift 100baseT f/w SCSI SBus Adapter

Testbed Configuration
LG #LG TypeNetworkTarget File SystemsNotes
1/3/5LG1N12x(F1,F3,..,F23), 1x(F2,F4,..,F24)N/A
2/4/6LG1N11x(F1,F3,..,F23), 2x(F2,F4,..,F24)N/A
7/9/11LG1N22x(F1,F3,..,F23), 1x(F2,F4,..,F24)N/A
8/10/12LG1N21x(F1,F3,..,F23), 2x(F2,F4,..,F24)N/A

Other Notes

Wed Oct 4 15:21:47 2000

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