SPECweb96 Result


SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance with the SPECweb96
run and reporting rules.  Specifically, the result did not meet the 6 month 
availability requirement in the SPECweb96 run rules due to a change in the 
availability of the Netfinity Web Server Accelerator (NWSA) version 2.1.


 IBM : Netfinity 7000 M10                               ||   NC    SPECweb96
 IBM : IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6 with NWSA 2.1              ||

   Throughput   Response
     ops/sec      msec
       960         NC
      1920         NC
      2880         NC
      3840         NC
      4800         NC
      5760         NC
      6721         NC
      7681         NC
      8641         NC
      9456         NC


                          General Availability Dates

 Hardware            Aug-1999
 Operating System    Feb-2000
 HTTP Software       Aug-2000

                               System Hardware

 Vendor              IBM
 Model               Netfinity 7000 M10
 Processor           550 MHz PIII Xeon
 # of Processors     1
 Primary Cache       32KB
 Secondary Cache     2MB
 Other Cache         none
 Memory              4096MB
 Disk Controllers    Wide Ultra SCSI
 Disk Subsystem      4 9.1GB 10K RPM drives
 Other Hardware      3 Alteon ACEswitch 180

                               System Software

 Operating System    Windows 2000 Advanced Server
 Other Software      none
 File System Type    NTFS

                                HTTP Software

 Vendor              IBM
 HTTP Software       IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6 with NWSA 2.1
 # of "threads"      1
 Server Cache        Netfinity Web Server Accelerator 2.1
 Log Mode            Binary CLF


 # of Controllers    3
 Network Controller  Alteon ACEnic PCI Gigabit
 # of Nets           3
 Type of Nets        Jumbo Frame Gigabit
 Network Speed       1000 Mb
 MSL (sec)           30
 Time-Wait (sec)     60

                               Load Generators

 # of Generators     12
 # of Processes Each 13
 Model               Intellistation Z-Pro
 Processor           450MHz PII Xeon
 # of Processors     2
 Memory              128MB
 Network Controller  Alteon ACEnic PCI Gigabit
 Operating System    Windows NT Workstation 4.0 + SP5
 Compiler            none

                            Benchmark Configuration

 Max Requested Load  9600
 Max Fileset Size    2143

                                 Test Sponsor

 Tested By           IBM
 License Number      11
 Test Date           Feb-2000


                                Network Notes

<> Each Alteon switch connects to SUT and four clients
<> MTU size = 9000 bytes

                                 Other Notes

<> Registry Settings:
<> Tcpip/Parameters/TcpTimedWaitDelay=0x3c (Set TIME_WAIT to 60 sec;

default: 240)
<> Tcpip/Parameters/MaxUserPort=0xfffe (Maximum port number used;

default: 5000)
<> Tcpip/Parameters/MaxFreeTWTcbs=0xEE480 (Increase TCB timewait table

 to 976000 entries; default: 2000)
<> Tcpip/Parameters/MaxHashTableSize=0x10000 (Set TCB hash table size

to 65536 entries; default: 512)
<> Tcpip/Parameters/MaxSendSegments=ox1000 (Set maximum TCP segments

sent consecutively to a destination; default:64)
<> Tcpip/Parameters/NumTcbTablePartitions=0x20 (Set number of

independent TCP table partitions; default: 4)
<> Tcpip/Parameters/TcpWindowSize=0xffff (Set TCP send/receive window

size; default: 8192)
<> Session Manager/Memory Management/SystemPages=0xffffffff (Increases

 default system page table entries; default: based on physical memory

<> Session Manager/Memory Management/LargeSystemCache=0 (Reduces extra

 file system cache space to 512MB; default: 960MB)
<> Alteon NIC Settings:
<> SendCoalMax=0x50 (Sets number of send buffer descriptors in send

ring; default: 20)
<> JumboFrames=0x1 (Enables jumbo frame support; default: disabled)
<> Other Settings:
<> 1 disk for OS/pagefile; 3 striped disks for web pages and web log
<> IBM HTTP Server configured to disable integrated FRCA cache
<> SPEC-approved alternate HTTP/HT.c used; eliminates repeated

client-side calls to gethostbyname()


First published at SPEC.org on 22-Feb-2000