SPECweb99 Result

 Dell : PowerEdge 8450/700                              ||     NC     SPECweb99
 Microsoft : IIS 5.0 and SWC 3.0                        ||        

      SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance with the
      SPECweb99 run and reporting rules. Specifically, the result did not meet
      the 3 month availability requirement in the SPECweb99 run rules due to a
      change in availability of Microsoft SWC 3.0.



               |  Conforming Simultaneous
   Iteration   |       Connections
      1        |         NC
      2        |         NC
      3        |         NC
    Median     |         NC

                              Availability Dates

All Hardware                  Jun-2000
HTTP Software                 Mar-2001
Operating System              Mar-2001
Supplemental System           Mar-2001


Vendor                        Dell
Model                         PowerEdge 8450/700
Processor                     700MHz Pentium III Xeon
# Processors                  8 cores, 8 chips, 1 core/chip
Primary Cache                 16KBI+16KBD on chip
Secondary Cache               2MB(I+D)
Other Cache                   None
Memory                        32 GB
Disk Subsystem                1 9GB 10KRPM drive, 8 16GB 15K RPM drives
Disk Controllers              Onboard Symbios SCSI
Other Hardware                7 Alteon ACEswitch 180


Operating System              Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
File System                   NTFS
Other Software                New TCP/IP & Alteon driver hotfixes

                                 HTTP Software

Vendor                        Microsoft
HTTP Software                 IIS 5.0 and SWC 3.0
API                           TWC 3.0
Server Cache                  None
Log Mode                      Binary CLF

                                 Test Sponsor

Test Date                     Dec-2000
Tested By                     Dell
SPEC License                  55


# of Controllers              7
Network Controllers           Alteon AceNIC 1000SX
# of Nets                     7
Type of Nets                  Gigabit Ethernet
Network Speed                 1Gb/s
MSL (sec)                     30 (Non RFC1122)
Time-Wait (sec)               60 (Non RFC1122)
MTU                           1500


# of Clients                  35
Model                         Dell Precision 410
Processor                     450MHz Pentium II
# of Processors               2
Memory                        128MB
Network Controller            Alteon AceNIC 1000SX
Operating System              Windows 2000 Professional
Compiler                      Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

                            Benchmark Configuration

Requested Connections         7300
Fileset Size (MB)             23477.68

                           Notes/Tuning information

SUT Notes
    1 disk for OS
    6 disk software RAID0 stripe for fileset, 2 disk software RAID0 stripe for logs.

Operating System Notes
    Tuning parameters:
    - AFD/Parameters/TransmitWorker=32, adjusts system default thread, default 16.
    - Control/FileSystem/NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate=1, prevents updating LastAccess time stamp on NTFS directories.
    - Control/Session Manager/Memory Management/LargeSystemCache=0, limits system cache, default 1.
    - Control/Session Manager/Memory Management/SystemPages=0xffffffff, sets system pages.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/DisableLargeSendOffload=0, enable large sends for TCP/IP.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxFreeTWTcbs=1098000, sets maximum number of TIME_WAIT tcbs to 1,098,000.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxHashTableSize=0x10000, sets TCB hash table size to 65,536 entries, default 512.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxSendSegments=0x1000, max TCP segments sent consecutively to a destination, default 64.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxUserPort=0xfffe, sets maximum open ports to 65534.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/NumTcbTablePartitions=64, sets number of independent TCB table segments, default 4.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/TcpTimedWaitDelay=60, sets TIME_WAIT parameter to 60 seconds (non-RFC 1122), default is 240.
    - Tcpip/Parameters/TcpWindowSize=65535, sets TCP send/receive window size, default 8192.
    Alteon NIC settings in registry:
    - PciReadMax=128, sets maximum number of bytes per PCI read burst, default 0xffffffff.
    - LargeSend=1, enables large sends.
    - HybridLen=54, threshold in bytes that the driver decides to DMA versus copy, default 128.
    - HostTracing=0 (off), disables NIC driver logging events, default 1 (on).

Client Notes
    Tcpip/Parameters/MaxUserPort = 0xfffe, sets maximum open ports to 65534.

Other Notes
    SWC 3.0 Configuration:
    Each NIC IRQ bound to a different CPU.
    SWC/Parameters/LogDrive=G, puts log file on G: drive.
    SWC/Parameters/LogFileInitialSize=0xffffffff, sets initial log file size to 4 gigabytes.
    SWC/Parameters/VirtualRootName=spec99, sets virtual directory name to spec99.
    SWC/Parameters/VirtualRootPath=F:\wwwroot99, sets physical path where files are located.
    SWC/Parameters/SmallCachingThreshold=500, max size for small files (bytes), default system-dependent.
    SWC/Parameters/LargeCachingThreshold=1200000, max size for cached files (bytes), default system-dependent.
    SWC/Parameters/SmallBufferSize=0x40, memory for caching small files (MB), default system-dependent.
    SWC/Parameters/LargeBufferSize=0x6590, memory for caching large files (MB), default system-dependent.
    SWC/Parameters/SwcLockedMemorySize=0x80, size of locked memory for SWC ops (MB), default system-dependent.


Test Run Details
    Run    Conforming  Percent  |  Throughput  Response ops/sec/  Kbits/
    Num    Connections Conform  |  ops/sec     msec     loadgen   sec
  =>  1      NC          NC     |     NC        NC        NC      NC
      2      NC          NC     |     NC        NC        NC      NC
      3      NC          NC     |     NC        NC        NC      NC

First published at SPEC.org on 26-Dec-2000