SPECweb99 Result

Sun Microsystems:Sun Netra 20
Zeus Technology Ltd.:Zeus
SPECweb99 = 2156


Iteration Conforming Simultaneous Connections
1 2156
2 2156
3 2156
Median 2156


Availability Dates
All HardwareOct-2001
HTTP SoftwareMay-2001
Operating SystemAug-2001
Supplemental System--

VendorSun Microsystems
ModelSun Netra 20
Processor750MHz UltraSPARC III
# Processors2 cores, 2 chips, 1 core/chip
Primary Cache32KBI+64KBD on chip
Secondary Cache8MB(I+D) off chip
Other Cachenone
Disk Subsystem1 x 36GB FC-AL
9 x 18GB Sun StorEdge T3
Disk ControllersIntegrated FC-AL
PCI Single FC Network Adapter
Other Hardware1 x Cisco Systems Catalyst 4912G

Operating SystemSolaris 8 7/01
File SystemUFS
Other Softwarenone

HTTP Software
VendorZeus Technology Ltd.
HTTP SoftwareZeus
Server CacheSNCA
Log ModeSNCA binary CLF

Test Sponsor
Test DateAug-2001
Tested BySun Microsystems
SPEC License6

# of Controllers2
Network ControllersSUN Gigabit Ethernet
# of Nets2
Type of NetsGigabit Ethernet
Network Speed1 Gb/s
MSL (sec)30 (Non RFC1122)
Time-Wait (sec)60 (Non RFC1122)

# of Clients7
ModelUltra 60
Processor450MHz UltraSPARC II
# of Processors2
Network ControllerSun Gigabit Ethernet
Operating SystemSolaris 8 10/00
CompilerSun Workshop 5.0 C

Benchmark Configuration
Requested Connections2156
Fileset Size (MB)7017.44


Operating System Notes

HTTP Software Notes

Hardware Notes

Network Notes

Client Notes

Other Notes

Test Run Details

Test results for each iteration (median is shaded)
Iteration Conforming Connections Percent Conform Throughput ops/sec Response msec ops/sec/ loadgen kbit/ sec
1 2156 100.0% 6031.4 357.3 2.80 335.0
2 2156 100.0% 6032.4 357.2 2.80 335.0
3 2156 100.0% 6033.4 357.3 2.80 335.0

Thu Apr 14 12:32:38 2005

First published at SPEC.org on 30-Oct-2001