Server Efficiency Rating Tool V1.1.1

The first industry standard tool for rating the energy efficiency of server-class computers.

Development Team

  • Ashok Emani
  • Cloyce Spradling
  • Greg Darnell
  • Hansfried Block
  • Jeremy Arnold
  • John Beckett
  • Karin Wulf
  • Klaus-Dieter Lange
  • Mike Tricker
  • Sanjay Sharma
  • Karl Huppler
  • Van Smith
  • Walter Bays

Development Support

  • Chris Chan-Nui, Hideyuki Koinuma, John Hitt, and Shreeharsha G. Neelakantachar

Special Thanks

This product is made possible through the generous support of the employers of the volunteers listed above.
  • AMD, ARM, Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle
Also, the development team would like to thank previous members of the SERT Development Team
  • Christian Koopman, David Ott, and Nathan Totura
as well as the SPEC staff for its administrative support.
  • Bob Cramblitt, Cathy Sandifer, Diana Cercy, Dianne Rice, Elden Sodowsky, and Jason Glick

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