SPECweb2009 Release 1.20 User's Guide

Version 1.20, Last modified 2010-02-05

1          Requirements

1.1       Software Requirements

1.1.1            The SPECweb2009 kit

1.1.2            Additional Software Requirements:

1.2       Hardware Requirements

2          Setting Up The Test Environment

2.1       Running the SPECweb2009 installer

2.2       Web Server Setup

2.3       Besim Setup

2.4       Client Setup

2.5       Network Setup

2.6       Measurement Device (Power and Temperature) Setup

2.7       Controller Setup

2.8       Power Analyzer Setup

2.9       Temperature Sensor Setup

3          Running SPECweb2009

3.1       Test.config Parameters

3.2       Workload Specific Config Parameters

3.3       Starting the benchmark

3.4       Trouble Shooting your first run

3.4.1            Web Server Checks

3.4.2            BeSim Checks

3.4.3            Prime Client Checks

3.5       Collecting Statistics (optional)

3.6       Optimizing Performance

4          Appendices

4.1       Appendix A - README file from SPECweb2009 client kit

4.2       Appendix B - Wafgen README file

4.2.1            Invoking Wafgen:

4.2.2            Wafgen Overview

4.2.3            Storage Requirements:

4.2.4            Tips for Building Large Filesets:

4.3       Appendix C - BeSim Make_Readme file

4.4       Appendix D - Common Errors and Debugging Tips

4.5       Appendix E - Support FAQ

4.6       Appendix F - Installing BeSim as a FastCGI for the Apache HTTP Server

4.6.1            FastCGI source compilation

4.6.2            Apache FastCGI Web server module: mod_fastcgi

4.6.3            Testing the BeSim FastCGI


1       Requirements

    These instructions assume that you are familiar with the following:

2       Setting Up The Test Environment

                *Note: For more FastCGI instructions (particularly for the Apache HTTP Server), see Appendix F.

If you notice that one BeSim system has a bottleneck (CPU, disk, network, etc.), there is an option to use multiple physical BeSim systems.  Follow the same steps above to install BeSim on another system, and specify multiple BESIM_SERVERs (delimited by spaces) in Test.config.  See the example Test.config files for more information.
To verify what port the temperature sensor is using (for Windows) you may left-click my computer, click Manage. Next click Device Manager and then click Ports this should give you a list of all the ports attached to your computer at that time. Find the port that the temperature sensor is connected to.

3       Running SPECweb2009

4       Appendices