SPECweb99 Result

 Hewlett-Packard Company : HP 9000 Model A500           ||     NC     SPECweb99
 Zeus Technology Ltd. : Zeus 3.3.6                      ||        

     SPEC has determined that this result was not in compilance with the 
     SPECweb99 run and reporting rules. Specifically, the result did not meet 
     the 3 month availability requirement in the SPECweb99 run rules due to a 
     change in availability of the HP 9000 Model A500.  Results for the same 
     hardware and software configuration have been submitted to SPEC that 
     address the availability issue.



               |  Conforming Simultaneous
   Iteration   |       Connections
      1        |          NC
      2        |          NC
      3        |          NC
    Median     |          NC

                              Availability Dates

All Hardware                  Aug-2000
HTTP Software                 Apr-2000
Operating System              Mar-2000
Supplemental System           Apr-2000


Vendor                        Hewlett-Packard Company
Model                         HP 9000 Model A500
Processor                     440 MHz PA-8500
# Processors                  1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
Primary Cache                 512KBI+1024KBD
Secondary Cache               None
Other Cache                   None
Memory                        8 GB
Disk Subsystem                2 A5574A (18GB)
Disk Controllers              Internal LVD SCSI
Other Hardware                None


Operating System              HP-UX 11.ACE
File System                   HFS
Other Software                None

                                 HTTP Software

Vendor                        Zeus Technology Ltd.
HTTP Software                 Zeus 3.3.6
API                           ISAPI
Server Cache                  See Notes
Log Mode                      Common Log Format

                                 Test Sponsor

Test Date                     May-2000
Tested By                     HP, Cupertino CA
SPEC License                  3


# of Controllers              1
Network Controllers           HP A4926A PCI 1000Base-SX
# of Nets                     1
Type of Nets                  1000Base-SX
Network Speed                 1 Gb/s
MSL (sec)                     30 (Non RFC1122)
Time-Wait (sec)               60 (Non RFC1122)
MTU                           1500


# of Clients                  11
Model                         HP B180L
Processor                     PA-7300LC 180MHz
# of Processors               1
Memory                        128MB
Network Controller            HP PCI 100BT
Operating System              HP-UX 11.ACE
Compiler                      HP C/ANSI C (B3899BA)

                            Benchmark Configuration

Requested Connections         1032
Fileset Size (MB)             3420.88

                           Notes/Tuning information

Operating System Notes
    HP-UX Parameters:
      ninode         8000 (in-core inodes)
      nfile         35000 (in-core filedescriptors)
      maxfiles      35000 (max descriptors per process)
      maxfiles_lim  35000 (absolute max descriptors per process)
      nproc           500 (absolute number of processes)
      tcphashsz     16384 (hash table scaling factor for TCP connections)
      dbc_min_pct      50 (use half of memory for buffer cache)
      dbc_max_pct      50 (use half of memory for buffer cache)
    Network Transport Parameters (ndd):
     tcp_xmit_hiwater_def 1048576 (bump highwater mark)
     tcp_conn_request_max    1024 (bump connection limits)
     tcp_conn_strategy          1 (allocate memory assuming reuse)
    Network Interface Parameters (gbeutil):
     recv_coal_ticks 10000 (max of 0.1 seconds before inbound interrupt)
     send_coal_ticks  1000 (max of 0.01 seconds before outbound interrupt)
     recv_max_bufs      12 (max of 12 inbound buffers before interrupt)
     send_max_bufs      32 (max of 32 outbound buffers before interrupt)

HTTP Software Notes
    Zeus Tuning Values:
     cache_files           60000 (cache up to 60,000 files)
     cache_max_bytes           0 (do not limit total size of cache)
     cache_small_file          0 (keep any file no matter how small)
     cache_large_file    1048576 (keep any file less than 1MB)
     cache_stat_expire    864000 (check for file updates daily)
     cache_flush_interval 864000 (flush cached files daily)
     sendfile                yes (use the HP-UX sendfile system call)
     sendfile_reservefd    30001 (keep lots of descriptors available for sendfile)
     sendfile_minsize          0 (no file is too small for a sendfile)
     listen_queue_size      8192 (allow more connections to queue)
     cbuff_size          1048576 (use large buffer for cgi interface)
     timeout                7200 (don't give up on a client easily)
     keepalive_max            -1 (no limit on number of keepalive connections)
     unique_bind             yes (dedicate one listener to each listed ip addr.)
     bind_any                 no (don't bind the listen socket to IN_ADDR_ANY)
    Zeus Site Configuration:
     modules!stats!enabled    no (don't bother to measure statistics)
     modules!nsapi!enabled    no (don't need any NSAPI support)
     modules!isapi!enabled   yes (we do rely on the ISAPI features)
     modules!fastcgi!enabled yes (support the FastCGI interface)
    Zeus Installation Notes:
     Set LargePage attribute on all Zeus binaries [chatr +pi 16M +pd 16M]

    Zeus ISAPI interface used for most dynamic content
    FastCGI used as communication method to manage all the independant CGI processes

Software Notes
    HP-UX System Patches:
      PHNE_20125 ndd general patch
      PHNE_20316 Cumulative STREAMS Patch

Network Notes
    All Clients wired via 100BT to one HP ProCurve 1600
    SUT wired to a 1000-SX module within the HP ProCurve 1600

Client Notes
    Client's HP-UX Parameters:
      ncallout       5000 (increase number of potential pending items)
      max_thread_proc 800 (allow more threads per process)


Test Run Details
    Run    Conforming  Percent  |  Throughput  Response ops/sec/  Kbits/
    Num    Connections Conform  |  ops/sec     msec     loadgen   sec
      1      NC          NC     |     NC        NC        NC      NC
      2      NC          NC     |     NC        NC        NC      NC
  =>  3      NC          NC     |     NC        NC        NC      NC

First published at SPEC.org on 30-May-2000