SPECweb99_SSL Result

IBM:IBM eServer iSeries i890-2487(1587)
IBM:HTTP Server (powered by Apache 2.0.39)
SPECweb99_SSL = 4497


Iteration Conforming Simultaneous Connections
1 4494
2 4497
3 4497
Median 4497


Availability Dates
All HardwareAug-2002
HTTPS SoftwareNov-2002
Operating SystemNov-2002
Supplemental SystemAug-2002

ModelIBM eServer iSeries i890-2487(1587)
Processor1.3 GHz POWER-4
# Processors16 cores, 16 chips, 1 core/chip
Primary Cache64KBI+32KBD (on chip) per CPU
(2 CPU per chip)
Secondary Cache1440KB unified (on chip), shared per chip
(2 CPU per chip)
Other Cache128MB unified (off-chip) per MCM,
2 MCM's in SUT (4 chips per MCM)
Memory196.6 GB
Disk Subsystem130: 6718-050 17.5GB SCSI DASD
Disk Controllers11: 2778-001 PCI Disk Unit Controller
Other HardwareCisco Systems Catalyst 6500 Gb Switch

Operating SystemOS/400 V5R2
File SystemiSeries Integrated File System
Other Software5722999 PTF MF29320
5722999 PTF MF29780
5722999 PTF MF29781
5722999 PTF MF29789
5722DG1 PTF SI06807

HTTPS Software
HTTPS SoftwareHTTP Server (powered by Apache 2.0.39)
Server CacheNone
Log ModeCLF (Common Log Format)

Test Sponsor
Test DateDec-2002
Tested ByIBM
SPEC License11

# of Controllers15
Network Controllers2743 Gbps Ethernet IOA
# of Nets15
Type of NetsGigabit Ethernet
Network Speed1 Gb/s
MSL (sec)30 (Non RFC1122)
Time-Wait (sec)60 (Non RFC1122)

# of Clients30
ModelpSeries 7044-270
Processor450 Mhz POWER-3 (630+)
# of Processors2
Memory7816 MB
Network ControllerAlteon Networks, Inc. AceNIC Gigabit Ethernet (Fibre)
Operating SystemSUSE Linux 2.4.13-ppc64-SMP
Compilergcc version 3.0.2 20011104

Benchmark Configuration
Requested Connections4500
Fileset Size (MB)14518


SUT Notes

Operating System Notes

HTTPS Software Notes

Other Notes

Test Run Details

Test results for each iteration (median is shaded)
Iteration Conforming Connections Percent Conform Throughput ops/sec Response msec ops/sec/ loadgen kbit/ sec
1 4494 99.9% 12505.0 359.9 2.78 333.2
2 4497 99.9% 12490.3 360.3 2.78 333.0
3 4497 99.9% 12471.2 360.8 2.77 332.4

Mon Apr 25 14:05:30 2005

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