SPECweb99_SSL Result

 Hewlett-Packard : hp server rx5670                  ||     NC SPECweb99_SSL
 Zeus Technology Limited : Zeus 4.2r2                ||        

   SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance with the 
   SPECweb99_SSL run and reporting rules. Specifically, the result did not meet 
   the 3 month availability requirement in the SPECweb99_SSL run rules due to a 
   change in availability of the OS.



               |  Conforming Simultaneous
   Iteration   |       Connections
      1        |         NC 
      2        |         NC 
      3        |         NC 
    Median     |         NC 

                              Availability Dates

All Hardware                  Jul-2003
HTTPS Software                Mar-2003
Operating System              Jul-2003
Supplemental System           Jul-2003


Vendor                        Hewlett-Packard
Model                         hp server rx5670
Processor                     1.5 GHz Intel Itanium 2
# Processors                  4 cores, 4 chips, 1 core/chip
Primary Cache                 16KBI+16KBD on chip
Secondary Cache               256KB unified on chip
Other Cache                   6144KB unified on chip
Memory                        24 GB (24x1GB)
Disk Subsystem                2x36GB (10K RPM) 1x18GB (10K RPM)
Disk Controllers              SCSI C896 UW SE (internal)
Other Hardware                4 x Alteon 180e Switches


Operating System              HP-UX 11i v2
File System                   See SUT Notes
Other Software                B3913DB C.05.36 HP aC++/C

                                HTTPS Software

Vendor                        Zeus Technology Limited
HTTPS Software                Zeus 4.2r2
API                           ISAPI
Server Cache                  None
Log Mode                      Binary Log Format

                                 Test Sponsor

Test Date                     Mar-2003
Tested By                     Hewlett-Packard Company
SPEC License                  3


# of Controllers              4
Network Controllers           HP A6847A PCI Gigabit Ethernet
# of Nets                     4
Type of Nets                  Gigabit Ethernet
Network Speed                 1 Gb/s
MSL (sec)                     30 (Non RFC1122)
Time-Wait (sec)               60 (Non RFC1122)
MTU                           1500


# of Clients                  16
Model                         HP 9000/A500-5X
Processor                     550 MHz PA-8600
# of Processors               2
Memory                        4 GB
Network Controller            HP A4926A Gigabit Ethernet
Operating System              HP-UX 11i
Compiler                      B3901BA B.11.11.04 HP C/ANSI C

                            Benchmark Configuration

Requested Connections         3344
Fileset Size (MB)             10818.96

                           Notes/Tuning information

SUT Notes
    1 (36 GB 10K RPM) disk with vxfs used for OS
    1 (36 GB 10K RPM) disk with hfs used for the file_set
    1 (18 GB 10K RPM) disk with hfs with largefiles, behind used for logs
    Largefiles is an option used when making the hfs file system. When this
    option is used, the maximum size for the files created on the file system is not
    limited to the 2 GB limit.
    Behind is an option used when mounting the hfs file system.
    This enables asynchronous writes to disk.
    Bound each Zeus instance to the processor corresponding to its NIC
    Processor binding is performed by: mpsched -c cpu# -p pid
    Set page size attribute for zeus.web and zeus.cgi binaries
    chatr +pd 64k +pi 64k zeus.cgi
    chatr +pd 64M +pi 64M zeus.web

Operating System Notes
    HP-UX Tunable Parameters:
    dbc_max_pct=35 Max Buffer Cache Size as Percent of RAM (50)
    dbc_min_pct=35 Min bufer Cache Size as Percent of RAM (5)
    maxfiles=60000 Soft File Limit per Process (60)
    maxfiles_lim=60000 Hard File Limit per Process (1024)
    nfile=120000 Max number of open files (790)
    ninode=60000 Max number of inodes (444)
    tcphashsz=16384 Relative Scaling Factor for TCP & IP Int. Tables(2048)
    vps_ceiling=4096 Max System selected page size [KB] (16)
    vps_pagesize=64 Default User page size [KB] (4)

HTTPS Software Notes
    Zeus Global Parameters:
    tuning!cache_files       356750
    tuning!cache_max_bytes    0
    tuning!cache_small_file   0
    tuning!cache_large_file   1048576
    tuning!cache_stat_expire  86400
    tuning!cache_flush_interval  86400
    tuning!listen_queue_size  8192
    tuning!multiple_accept    yes
    tuning!so_rbuff_size     0
    tuning!so_wbuff_size      1048576
    tuning!cbuff_size         65536
    tuning!keepalive      yes
    tuning!keepalive_timeout      1200
    tuning!keepalive_max          -1
    tuning!timeout                600
    tuning!unique_bind      yes
    tuning!bind_any      no
    tuning!sendfile      no
    tuning!modules!cgi!cbuff_size  1048576
    tuning!modules!cgi!cleansize  0
    tuning!ssl_keepalive      yes
    tuning!ssl_sessioncache_size     256
    tuning!ssl_diskcache    no
    tuning!softservers      no
    tuning!use_poll         no
    tuning!modules!stats!enabled no
    tuning!modules!nsapi!enabled no
    tuning!modules!isapi!enabled yes
    tuning!cache_cooling_time 0
    tuning!maxaccept    1024
    security!enabled yes

    Zeus ISAPI interface used
    Zeus PEPP Toolkit(0.6) used for SPECweb99_SSL dynamic content
    ./Configure --sendfile=no --checkconfig=yes --locking=semop

Network Notes
    Networking Tunable Parameters:
    tcp_xmit_hiwater_def=2000000 Max unsent data triggers flow control(32768)
    tcp_conn_request_max=1024 Max outstanding connection reqs (20)
    Gigabit Tunable Parameters:
    send_max_bufs=128  Number of sending buffers consumed to trigger interrupt (16)
    recv_max_bufs=128  Number of receiving buffers consumed to trigger interrupt (1)
    send_coal_ticks=5000   Number of ticks to wait to trigger interrupt (0)
    recv_coal_ticks=12000  Number of ticks to wait to trigger interrupt (0)

Client Notes
    Client code generated with ./configure --enable-posix-threads
    HP-UX Tunable Parameters:
    max_thread_proc=800  Number of threads per process (64)
    maxusers=256  Value of MAXUSERS macro (32)
    ncallout=5000  Increase number of pending timeouts
    nkthread=8000  Maximum number of system-wide threads (499)
    ninode=5000  Maximum number of inodes (444)
    nfile=4096  Maximum number of open files (790)
    maxswapchunks=2048  Maximum number of swap chunks (256)

Other Notes
    Tuning Disclosure: HP-20020708.txt
    Dynamic API: HP-20010917-API.tar.gz


Test Run Details
    Run    Conforming  Percent  |  Throughput  Response ops/sec/  Kbits/
    Num    Connections Conform  |  ops/sec     msec     loadgen   sec
      1     NC         NC       |   NC           NC       NC       NC 
  =>  2     NC         NC       |   NC           NC       NC       NC 
      3     NC         NC       |   NC           NC       NC       NC 

First published at SPEC.org on 15-Apr-2003