SPECaccel Benchmark Description

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Benchmark Author

Dimitri Komatitsch and Roland Martin from University of Pau, France.

Initial port to OpenMP by Alexander Grund

Benchmark Program General Category

Seismic Wave Modeling

Benchmark Description

SEISMIC_CPML is a set of eleven open-source Fortran90 programs to solve the two-dimensional or three-dimensional isotropic or anisotropic elastic, viscoelastic or poroelastic wave equation using a finite-difference method with Convolutional or Auxiliary Perfectly Matched Layer (C-PML or ADE-PML) conditions. 455.seismic is an OpenMP enabled port of the "seismic_PML_Collino_3D_isotropic" solver, a 3D classical split PML program for an isotropic medium using a second-order finite-difference spatial operator, for comparison.

Input Description

The program takes in the X, Y, and Z size of the area to model, the number of receivers to use, the number of time steps to model, and finally how often (in timesteps) to output the image data.

Output Description

The "energy" data file contiain the accumlated total kinetic and potential energy after each timestep. The program also outputs simple image files showing the progress of the seismic wave at each time step.

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