SPEC CPU2006 Platform Settings for Intel-based systems

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

CPU Power and Performance Policy
Allows the user to set an overall power and performance policy for the system, and when changed will modify a selected list of options to achieve the policy.
[Performance] Optimization is strongly toward performance, even at the expense of energy efficiency.
[Balanced Performance] Weights optimization toward energy conservation, with good performance.
[Power] Optimization is strongly toward energy efficiency, even at the expense of performance.
C1E Autopromote
When Enabled, the CPU will switch to the Minimum Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology operating point when all execution cores enter C1, Frequency will switch immediately, followed by gradual Voltage switching. When Disabled, the CPU will not transit to the minimum Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology operating point when all cores enter C1.
Set Fan Profile
[Performance] Fan control provides primary system cooling before attempting to throttle memory.
[Acoustic] The system will favor using throttling of memory over boosting fans to cool the system if thermal thresholds are met.