QLogic PathScale Compiler Suite SPEC CPU2006 Flag Description

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Description of the submit command
MYMASK=`printf '0x%x' \$((1<<\$SPECUSERNUM))`; /usr/bin/taskset \$MYMASK $command

/usr/bin/taskset [options] [mask] [pid | command [arg] ... ]

taskset is used to set or retreive the CPU affinity of a running process given its PID or to launch a new COMMAND with a given CPU affinity. The CPU affinity is represented as a bitmask, with the lowest order bit corresponding to the first logical CPU and highest order bit corresponding to the last logical CPU. When the taskset returns, it is garanteed that the given program has been scheduled to a legal CPU.
The default behaviour of taskset is to run a new command with a given affinity mask:
    taskset [mask] [command] [arguments]

The taskset command is used in the following form in the config file:
submit= MYMASK=`printf '0x%x' \$((1<<\$SPECUSERNUM))`; /usr/bin/taskset \$MYMASK $command

$MYMASK is the bitmask (in hexadecimal) corresponding to a specific SPECUSERNUM. For example, $MYMASK value for the first copy of a rate run will be 0x00000001, for the second copy of the rate will be 0x00000002 etc. Thus, the first copy of the rate run will have a CPU affinity of CPU0, the second copy will have the affinity CPU1 etc.